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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishpro, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Fishpro

    Fishpro Northcoast Madman

    Thats Fishin`Chick`s high score in video poker!!!! Someones Cheating!!!!!! :rolleyes: :D
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    She's not being a good girl. There is a glitch in the program, if you figure it out you to can have that much! Tpet already gave up that secret the other day. Sorry Girl your busted!! :cool:

  3. catking

    catking Banned

    Come on ' chick- You know better than that :p CATKING
  4. DavidWS10

    DavidWS10 Bankless Boat Trash

    cheater, cheater, cheater LOL!!! I'm jealous cause I'm not smart enough to figure out stuff like that.
  5. fishinchick

    fishinchick The 'Chick!!!!

    Uh oh..... I've been outed. :( I'm so ashamed. :D
  6. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

  7. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Sorry Chick, The devil made me do it! ;)
  8. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    Dang I thought everybody would of figured out there was a cheat in the game after the first couple of 50,000 scores with only about 42 seconds invested on it :)
  9. Okay now that I have heard it mentioned that there are cheating methods I will ask this one. How about Tetris? I have played quite a bit and seemed to be really getting the hang of it but only getting in the 30,000's on my best scores. And at that point it is really cruising. But the high score is 728,218.:eek: Okay am I really that bad or am I missing something about being able to score high? Or do we have another cheating method.:rolleyes:
  10. Alter and Mojo are the only 2 above 100,000 and they got all the way up over 700,000!:rolleyes: That sounds a bit suspicious.