4/25 GMR report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by yakfish, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Well I finally made it out to the river downtown to do some quality bassin below my favorite dam. it was very windy which made accurate casting to pretty tough. the water is still about 12-16 inches higher than I would have liked( my favorite spot to stand was under water) and is still quite a bit stained.
    But the fishing was good and thats what counts! I caught 10-12 smallies most ranging from the normal GMR size of 9-12 inches with one stretching past 14 inches. I caught a nice mixed bag with one largemouth going about 11-12 inches, an 11 inch crappie and a nice 21 inch saugeye.
    most fish were caught on either a shadrap or a huskyjerk. the crappie was caught on a #3 mepps and 1-2 smallies were caught on a jig and twistertail.
    I got a nice sunburn and the dog loves the smell of fish on my hands! I need to take her with me next time and see how she likes the fish flopping around on the ground.
    all in all it was nice to finally take the time to get out and do some fishing.
    good fishing!