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Well we had a pretty good turn out today and some real nice fish were caught as well.Thanks to some of the new boats that entered the tournament and it was nice to see a few new faces.THANKS TO EVERY ONE THAT CAME OUT AND PLAYED TODAY ON FATHER'S DAY it was great and congrades to Jeff and Dave teams job well done.The weather was great except for early a.m. wave heights.It was pretty rough at the start and made for a bumpy ride heading out but the lake laid down in the late morning.
Every one seemed the catch a 5 fish weigh in limit and a lot of guys caught 2-3 and 4 guys limits today.Fisherman and ladies caught fish on different methods today and at the weigh in we all shared our programs as well as locations and lures used.In line boards with in line weights,bottom bouncers,dipies,jets and lures went from cranks,spoons and worm harnesses.Know certain color seemed to matter.

2BUZZ,Jeff's team was the big eye winner with a 8 pounder and took 1st place over all.

Harle,Dave's team came in 2nd place

All the people sitting a round at the weigh in B.S.ING.

Me and my son only had 45min sleep last night so he crashed on the boat.

Here our catch,was not monsters but we had a lot of fun.

At the end of the day we had a mess on JerryT's boat and I broke a rod.

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