4/21/08 Rocky

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  1. Hit the lower stretches of the Rock today with some success. I landed this steelie which is my personal best at just over 30" on a green and black inline spinner. Also landed another that i didn't take a picture of around 26" on a chartreuse spinner. Lost what felt like the best fish of the day and season for me. Blasted a red inline spinner and i thought i had a strong hookset he peeled off about 40 feet of drag pretty quick and one shake and was off. Still a decent day. Saw a lot of activity but only a few others on the river. I did see some sea gulls eating something so I walked down that way and it turned out to be about a 34" steelie that i figured to go around 9-10 lbs so that was kind of disappointing. Stinkin birds...

    Also, I know its a long shot but if someone lost a trout net on the rock south of hilliard and wants it back shoot me a PM describing the net and I'll let you know if its the one I found.

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    Great job! I'm taking a much deserved day off, IMO, and gonna hit the river in the morning, some metal detecting in the afternoon and some honeydo stuff in the evening. Beats working!

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    God that sounds like fun. Good luck.