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  1. Took a trip a good 3 hours away to spend a day on the river, and the GF decided she wanted some torpedo action too. My buddy gave me some tips and directions and they paid off with dividends to say the least... What a day, we hooked into at least 30 fish in about 7 hours and landed a little under half of those. I had a 30+" fish jump 5 or 6 times in a row and lost an honest 12lb hog right at my feet to boot, after about 15 minutes of tangling with him. We still landed some good fish; the photos are a bit ominous as we were constantly on the move.

    Jigs/maggot got some fish and spawn and single eggs worked well also, but don’t be afraid to experiment.... grin

    7lb skinny long Hen, had to be 10 or better with eggs


    Another nice one, back to back drifts

    a HAWG

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    Congrats on the girlfriend, she your best catch. And a steelheader to boot.

  3. Looks like it was worth the drive ;) .
  4. Making plans for next trip already :)