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Spent about 6 Hr. at CJ on Sun. The wind and waves made it feel like 9 though!
We caught 5 catfish with the largest at 8 lb. We used cut frozen shad. Tried to get more shad, but they were way up in the shallows by watching the Gulls. I did have fun showing my girls how to throw that net. We had to leave because the wind was so strong it was dragging us with 2 mushroom anchors.
A couple of goofy people were out there Sun. One guy drifted with the wind across the lake right into my boat where I was anchored. I saw him coming and wanted to see if he was paying attention and what he would do. He was facing out back on the swim platform fishing. I wanted to use my horn, but that would have been obnoxious and he would have fallen off the boat! I pushed him away from my boat and he looked surprised to say the least.
The other goofy person was an airplane that was running the lake below tree height. I was scared to death when I looked down the lake at a plane banking sharply at tree heght and heading straight for us. I thought he was going to crash into us. He gained some altitude before getting to us and then did it to the poor folks on the other side of the lake.
Oh well, we were out and caught fish.
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