4-14 Fishing

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  1. Well I was supposed to go fishing with crocodile on Monday 4-14 but I couldn't make it.
    I caught this keeper instead. Mallory Paige was born on 4-14 at 11:55pm.
    She weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. What a catch.
    I can't wait to take her fishing. Now I need to modify my canoe to fit her car seat. LOL!!!


  2. iteech

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    She is GORGEOUS. And get her on the water by the time she walks! Never assume because she is a girl that she will not love fishing as much--witness ME, out of the whole family of brothers and boy cousins, I am still the one who is the most crazy about fishing!! My dad had me at the ponds when I was in diapers, and I can remember very well pulling up fish when I was 3 or 4. I was "hooked" at that time, and 55 years later, my whole life continues to revolve around WHEN I GET TO GO FISHING NEXT TIME! Thankfully, my grandkids feel the same way--I hooked them, too, as well as my grown kids.:) They all would "rather fish than eat" as we say in the South. Me and my grown kids and some of the grands are going on a family fishing trip together in a month...and being with them laughing and pulling up the big ones is sweeeeet beyond description. ;)

  3. thanks iteech. she a keeper for sure. i am already spoiling her.
    mom loves to fish also so i'm sure she'll be a little fisher and daddies little girl.

    here is my wife with a sturgeon caught in the fraser river in british columbia.

  4. Congrats Fishing 247. Nothing more special than that. What fun you have to look forward to. Best wishes and great health to you and yours.