4/14/08 lmr and tribs

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    I wasn't going fish but driving in I looked down stream from the bridge I saw six blue herons feeding in on spot. Needless to say my mind said bait fish and where there is bait fish there is likely to be game fish. Went to the shop got geared up. Yep you guessed it, by the time I got to the river all the birds were gone and all was quite around 10:30am So I fished for a bit then went further down stream fish a trib. By the foot prints I was not the only one but who ever had been down there must have fished much higher water. I started fishing and was seeing gar all over the place. no luck with the whites but did catch around a 4ft gar. Hooked on a meatwhistle right in the corner of the mouth. I was standing knee deep in the water and he decides to charge me hitting me right below the knee cap with the end of his snout thankfully no teeth found there mark as swung around me. He then turn and ran his snout right in to the bank. Thats when I grabed him and got him on land. I searched frantically for the camera and realized it was back in the car in my shell. I got quick cell phone pic before he rolled and snapped the line and slid into the freedom of the river. A little intimidating seeing a 4ft long fish with a snout full of razor sharp teeth heading for your legs. My feet were firmly stuck in the mud so need less to say the feeling of helplessness was not to comforting. This would prove to be the only fish of the day but not the end of my story. So after giving up on the trib I began to walk up stream. It became a very high steep bank with little slope as moved up. I found one little point that looked like it provided good water and stood trying to reason dropping eight feet down the muddy bank to fish, Again my yearning to fish out wieghed common sense, I dropped the rod down committing myself and slid down the drop off on my belling dropping to my feet and finding nothing but super slick mud to excelerate my trip down. Ok so now I down and begin to fish. I threw several patterns and several techniques unable to find even a tap. I strated my way back and slipped fell hard sliding toward fast water around 4ft deep, just as my feet entered the water I was able to stop. Now shaken I made my way back to the drop off and broke down two sticks to act as picks and threw the rod up top. My climb began as a series of fall as the mud/clay bank would not accept my stick pics. I move caution out to a tree with exposed roots on a steeper falling bank. With the grace of gazel some how manages to catch a solid root and pull my self to saftey. (More like a circus clown) I then noticed my rod had falle about half back down the bank, not to worried I grabbed the rod tip and pulled up. Thus seperating the but section from the top. A few well chosen words and long stretch laying over the bank and I was able to retrieve the other half stuck in a stick protuding from the bank. I guess I was lucky it caught there and not fell into the swift water below. What a day. Still had a blast and can't wait to get out again. S
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    fishing= great

    wade fishing this time of year= Fun

    having a 4ft gar going at your knees= priceless

    thanks for the report i would of been scared too having that monster coming at me. but can you imagine the story behind the scars if it had bit you??? lol sounds like some new pick up lines to me lol

  3. LOL,,,,great story!
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    sevenx you always have great storys to tell. I always enjoy reading your posts. I also enjoy fishing the lmr but am not near as adventurous. :)
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    Thanks, it seems that all my misadventure never pay off either. I always get myself in these prediciments and never catch any darn fish when I do. Still it makes for a fun day out. S
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    SEVEN - your lack of common sense gives a good laugh to the rest of us. Don't wisen up any time soon. Happy fishin.
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    :p OK I was reading this at work (not supposed to of course) and I laughed so loud two people came over to see what was so funny. SevenX, you got me in trouble! I'd swear you were making things up for laughs, but unfortunately I live YOUR life when I'm fishing--most of the time--so I know it's real. I usually fall very ungracefully, lay there for a while and imagine my hips are broken, then when I feel no pain I just get up and go fishing. My grandsons are so used to seeing this (they are 11 and nimble as little GOATS), they "run" or slide down and just step over me and go to the bank. They'll glance back once in a while or come over to my inert body to grab the worms, but they never seem too concerned. I'd like to ask you to fish with me, but together we will make the river explode or something, so better not. Laugh on, fish on, friend!;)
  8. Funny post man had my laughin. The good old LMR man i need to get back home and do some fishing on that river. Sounds like you always have a good time on the river. happy fishin man
  9. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Iteach, I feel your pain, sorry to get you in trouble. If only I was making this up. I just get so excited I loose all common sense and get in trouble. I wanted to ask you if you have license plates that say I FISH 2. I saw a women driving ahead of me with these plates and thought of you right away. Let me know when you want to fish and I will alert EMS ahead of time. S
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    ...but I WANT them!!! I have "I'd rather be fishing" as a plate HOLDER, but that's it...thanks for the offer of the EMS. My only fear there is one of them will slip and fall on top of me, then the stretcher will follow on top of him. :p I'm looking forward to my family's annual mid-May trip to a big game lake in eastern Ohio right near the WV border...you'd think I'd be safe there, but last year I managed to jerk a lure out of tree and pierce my thigh with two of the three treble hooks, buried all the way to the top of the hooks. Not fun. I screamed like a girl. I don't care! I'm excited about the prospect of injuring myself in a NEW AND DIFFERENT WAY next month!;)
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    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Glad I did not start honking and waving the lady would have thought I was crazy. I put the ems number in my phone for Milford so I can skip 911. Now all I need is a hand held gps so I can save time when they come after me:). Going out Sat. morning with a client so hopefully we will have a good report and come back safely. S