4/12 team twister report

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  1. me an the wife(mrstwister_rj) fished this afternoon;) we started out at a trib on the ohio side she caught 1 nice smallie 16'' on a chart 3''tail, i got one whitebass an 1 small sauger.
    then we ran down 2 fish the backwaters at rayland but it was packed 8 or so peeps fishing were i like 2 go:( so we headed down 2 the pike island dam,of coarse the pier was packed but only a couple of cars below the dam:) so thats were we went on the rocks,what a blast watching the wifie catching them cast after cast;) cast out count down 5 or 6 an just start reeling real slow,didn't realy matter what color glow/chart/white.
    we caught saugers,a few smallies an a ton of whites.wife got a real nice smallie right at 17'' ,i got a real nice fish ohio sauger 17 1/2''(1st fish ohio of the yr)
    was pretty nonstop action from 2;30 till about 5;30 seen alot of fish caught with few nice smallie's in the mix:) when we left there was about 25 or so peeps on the rocks an about 20 on the pier
    all eyes we caught by me jigging on the bottom,smallies were close 2 shore an the whites were just about everywere;)
    wife was using a zebco 33 classic,5'6''med lighting rod an 8lb excel line
    i was using a gander guide series 5'6'' lite rod,gander guide series gds1500 reel
    an 4lb excel line,i used 1/8oz heads an 3''tails,wife 1/8 an 1/4 heads 3''tails.
    team twister
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    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the fishing is really turning on where you're at or you have the touch :D Hopefully it's the fishing turning on 'cause I might get out this afternoon and try my luck.