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hit the lake this afternoon by myself;)
fished the rest area from 2:30pm,till 3:15 nothing at all,
then went down 2 the dam area again nothing.:(
hit the rocks down by the church on 250,that was the place 2day 4 me,
from 4:45 till about 6pm it was pretty good
got 17lg mouthbass//2 gills//an one 17''saugeye:)
here's the low down
10 bass// gills minnow an bobber 18''deep an close 2 shore maybe 3 or 4 ft of water biggest was 16'' most were 10'' 7'6'' ul rod/mirco lite reel /4#excel
7 bass on minnow an jig 1/16oz head/3''glow tail 5'6''lighting rod/1500 gander guide reel/4#magna thin line
saugeye caught on same jig an minnow combo:)
ps all fish were released 2 be enjoyed again,did lay eye down by ogf hat an took a pic:)
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