4-0 baby!!!

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by peon, Oct 2, 2005.

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    close but all good!!!
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  2. H2O Mellon

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    Penalties...... Man they almsot cost the Bengals the game.

    How about Pollock, came through w/ a big play when it was really needed.

  3. flathunter

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    I Heard the Texans got ripped off late in the game, something that had to do with Carr?


    its down right SHOCKING!i hope they can keep
    it up,it would be nice to have a winning Pro Football
    team in the state for a change. :)
  5. That game should of been a blow out! Were the first three games a fluke? Is this the REAL Bungles, narrowly pulling it out on a blown call? I mean, the Houston Texans????? Who Dey be winning by the skin on their chinny chin chin! I know, I know a W is a W.

    Here we go Steelers, here we go.
  6. H2O Mellon

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    Somethings to ponder:

    Texas had 2 weeks to prepare for the game
    Texas had a new offensive Corr
    Texas is no joke, Carr, D.Davis, A.Johnson, they have weapons.

    Cincinnati, should have been more of a spread:

    They had a TD called back due to RJ's penatly, they had to settle for a FG (-4 pts)
    Shane Graham missed a FG (-3 pts)
    The Bengals were 1st & goal from the 20, got penaltys ende dup 3rd & goal from the 41 (yes the 41) that should have been a Td (-7 possible points)

    Texas, had the one bad call but that was it, so they could have had 7 more points, but that play was meaningly if the Begals would have put their other TD on the board.
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    Bryan, slow down on your typing man, you are killing me!
  8. Another way to look at it is that the Bengals had their chances and let those chances slip thru their fingers. Created their own destiny, if you will. Whereas the Texans were denied their chance, their destiny taken away due to a blown call. I'm not trying to agitate here but am just looking at it from a different angle. Don't get me wrong....the Bengals are playing MUCH improved football and I'm happy for their fans (my brother-in-law one of their biggest). I just felt that if the Steelers could of so easily handled them, then I would of expected the new Bengals to do better than they did irregardless of the Texans weapons and new O coordinator.

    Just be undefeated going into Oct 23 and give those Stillers a warm welcome.
    lol lol
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    wha wha wha... who cares.. im not a ref and i dont think you are either... so when they make calls good or bad thats what goes.. ill admit we could have played some better "D".... but we didnt and i expect the BENGALS to play well in week 7... and this seems to be the only sqeelers fan i have ran across... seems to be PIG PIN ROTTENBURGERS GIRLFRIEND [​IMG]
    and IF the sqeelers win by a chance then be it.. but it gonna be close... i hate to say it will be close but it will... could go either way....
  10. Does your girl know you're messin with her picture???????????????????????????
  11. Tee

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    Whoa. What a game. It was a HOT one at the stadium. It was close but the Bengals prevailed. The defense stepped up big in this one.


    I like the sound of that!!

    WHO DEY!!
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    I am really glad that the Ben-Gals don't look like that woman.
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  13. gstrick27

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    im just psyched the browns didnt lose again this week ;) :D . live it up bungles fans you've earned it after all those sub .500 seasons, and look out cause the browns will be back under romeo. and then one day real soon we can have 2 respectable teams back in the state of ohio(burn butch davis burn!!!!!) and get the old rivalry rekindled. see ya in dec bungles!!!!!!
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    The penalties are killing us and I know Marvin is ripping them all new ones in the locker room. However, they made it through the game and prevailed. Despite losing both our starting center and the back-up. We had guys playing positions they've never played before.

    I had to leave at one point in the 3rd quarter though. Palmer takes the snap, fades back, scrambles, fades back some more, scrambles some more, fades back a little bit more, gets a map out to fade even further, stops for drinks and fades some more... You get the idea. He started the play at the 9 yard line and was at the 30 (going the wrong way) before he threw the ball away- and then they called intentional grounding!!! 10 yards on top of that! And loss of down! They wound up at the 41 yard line!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    My wife made me leave after that play and I was banished to the garage. I think the screaming scared her. :p

    But, they won and as stated, a W is a W. If they play like they did against the Bears, they'll be tough this year. Dare I say play-offs? Oooh krap, I skrewed the pooch now. :eek: