38 Crappie Saltfork

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  1. Been fishing Saltfork for carppie. Another 38 today. Largest was a 15 1/2". Caught mostly black Crappie today.Water was 58-60 degrees. Fish caught in 2'-3' of water. High winds made it hard to keep the boat from slaming the bank. Water was about as clear as it ever gets.
  2. How long of a fuse were you using today Jigger??? :) LOL Way to go !! This is my last night of work this week,then they better look out I am off the rest of the week!! Nice going. Were you using minnows???

  3. Great job crappies are waking up all over state. Finally!! Got into them in the scioto river at Oshay tonight 150 fish easy it was 3 hours of no stop catching. :)
  4. which ramp do you use the one off of rt22 or the one at the north end and what did you use to catch them on.
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    We were down there Friday and Saturday. We had to work to find them, but when we did...

    We also nailed 4 keeper eyes
  6. I launched the boat out of the old marina off SR-22. Caught as many with a minnow and bobber as I did with small 1/16+1/8oz jig's - The jig's - I tied one 1/16oz jig on first - left line and then tied the 1/8oz on the bottom. They were 14" apart with small twisters (all colors) . Made it a lot easier to cast in the wind and some times I'd get a double catch !!! I did a lot of trolling to find areas where the Crappies were active - First ski zone from the old marina water was where I spent most of my time... Caught several nice Saugeye while drifting with the wind. Heading out this afternoon again, hope there still biting.
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    :D Good job, jigger! We're gonna try to get down Sunday to hit up some crappie, we've been doing good at our campground on them... would love to pick up some eye as well! It's time!!! We've put in enough fishing days in the cold/rain/snow!!!
  8. how do you guys fish the saugeyes? Baits? Tactics? I'll be up there on may 1st-5th. Mostly targeting crappie, but if the bite is slow, I wouldn't mind having a fall back choice.