356 Earthworms,$3.65 gallon for fuel, "The Apocalypse Now" Song

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BigChessie, Apr 9, 2008.

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    With everything that is going on with my Son and all. We made a promise to get out and fish as much as possible this year. After paying $3.65 a gallon for fuel today, I started wondering how we can save some $ while still trying to get out and fish. So armed with a Gallon jug, my Headlamp and "The Apocalypse Now" song ringing in my ears. I set out to collect some Nightcrawlers tonight. Due to my recent back injury, I can't walk and bend over like I used to. So it was time for the "crouching tiger", I crawled around on my hands and knees. Granted my petite 6'2" 270 lbs seemed to alert the worms 10' away but I gave it a go. 1 Hour and 40 minutes later.........1/2 gallon jug of crawlers! BTW 356 nightcrawlers weigh in at 1.75 lbs. lol Here is pic of the jug of crawlers and then a pic of them in their new home. So I am hoping a few trips like this for crawlers again and getting the minnow seine back out will ease the cost of taking my boy out fishing.;)
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    What a .. lovely.. bucket of worms you have there!
    It does seem funny to pay for worms this time of year, when you think about it.

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    i caught some crawlers last year after a good rain and my back hurt for a few day after that, i only ended up with a few dozen. used bait shop crawlers after that, i know it wasn't cheaper, it was easier on the back.lol

    looks like you have plenty now:p
  4. Well since you seem to be in to the numbers game with this add these ones to it.

    356 worms / 12per dozen * $2.00/dozen /1.67 hours of work = $35.53/hour

    That may help make your back feel a bit better.:D

    I need to get out with the boys here before long and stock up. If I can put them to work we may be able to avoid buying them for quite a while as well.
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    I was out last weekend and did the same.... I got around 150 or so and said thats enough... I was only out for about 30 mins or so and covered about 10 sq. ft. of the yard... and with prices of everything this year, its way easier and cheaper to just collect your own.... BigCheesie, if you have any questions on how to store your crawlers for extended periods of time feel free to ask, as we have kept crawlers in a fridge in the garage for up to a year.... but also look into the book "Lunkers Love Nightcralwers" very good info and tips in it
  6. i dont think ive bought nightcrawlers in years, i dont store them or anything, i always go out the night and morning before i hunt for them and saturate the area im going to search with water then at dusk i do it one more time but not completely soak it then around 11-12pm i head out and get all the crawlers i need, do this every year anytime i wanna use crawlers.
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    Well I "crawled" into the local hospital this morning for my PT session. I went through the PT and "crawled" back home. Been thinking all day whether or not it was worth the pain his morning. Now that I see the numbers.............heck yea!! Just took another pain pill so I will be ready to get back out tonight.lol

    Right now I have them all in a styrofoam cooler filled with potting soil,some peat moss and garden dirt. I was hoping someone might suggest a way to keep them alive. I got rid of my bait fridge, so planing on just storing them in the cellar. How many worms can you store in any given size cooler? I was going to go pick up a couple more coolers for the next batch, unless someone knows of something that would work better. Thanks, BC
  8. The Apocalypse Now song is "The End" by The Doors, if anyone else would like to go crawler hunting accompanied by the tune. :p
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    Love the song!!! We pay the grandkids to get our worms... they have a ball; we get cheap bait; give 'em back to the kids dirty!:p
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    you need to put some wet newspaper in there for them to eat.ive kept crawlers along time as long as its got wet paper mixed in.
  11. Used coffee grounds are really good at keeping them around for long periods of time. Plus keeps your worms from being grouchy in the morning when you wake them up for an early fishing trip.
  12. I was reminded and inspired by this thread to stock up some on crawlers for myself. Friday night I took my 3 boys out with me to gather some. They had never really collected them and had never been out when they were so crazy thick. We only spent half an hour catching them and managed to get over 17 dozen.:eek: I don't really have a box big enough to keep more than that anyway so I am glad we stopped at that. That will actually last us quite a while as we don't go through them too fast until our Canada trip. I usually like to get some just a while ahead of the trip. I don't like to try and keep them that long, however I may buy a bigger worm box and stock up more. Where we go we can not buy them in bulk and buying them in 1-2 dozen lots at Canadian money can get pretty expensive. The kids really go through them up there rather heavily. I could probably save myself $50 or more just in the week up there.

    The other nice thing about collecting them is the boys have a blast doing it. They wanted to keep going. As thick as they were I am sure that we could have kept collecting them at somewhere around 30 dozen an hour easily all night long. The boys had visions of going in to business selling them.:D:D