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33 inch blue cat

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by flattiesinohio, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. ok....i was fishing my fav fishing hole at seneca lake lastnight and the fish where hitting good i mean real good!!the sun was just going down when i had a very light hit didn't hardly move the tip of my rod about 5 mins later i decide to check my bait when i pulled the rod there was something there(thinking it was a snag)i started pulling the rod to get it out of a snag when all of a sudden it took off well when i landed this thing it was big but difrent looking from any other channel i ever got so the first thing i thought was blue so i walked it to the nearest ppl i could find and they all agreed it was a blue cat....all was determened by how close the fin on the belly was to the tail..the greyish blue look of the skin and the tiny lower mouth on it....even though i didnt have a camra one of the guys had a tape it was 33 inchs and some change it was put back unharmed and swam back out in a hurry
  2. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    You can tell by the anal fin. If the anal fin is more rounded, it is a channel. If it is more square and straight, most likely a blue.

  3. Wonder if there's any monster Blue's in there. :)
  4. if that was truely a blue im sure there've heard it from others that have fished there that they are in there....but ppl mistake them for channels....and vise versa....but this thind look just like a blue i looked at pics of blues that came out of the james river and its got me convinced it was a blue just not as big as the ones that come out of the wish i could get that lucky but the flatties should be moving by now so i might have my chance to get me a 60+ pounder

    BBANKS John Deere Puller

    flatties............did you ever find anyone that knew Tom Hannon down in Byesville?

  6. i asked a few ppl but none knew him....but i still yet to talk to the guy i rent from he grew up in have things been at ohio power?been getting anything there?

    BBANKS John Deere Puller

    Have not went yet. getting ready to head down in a couple of weeks. We will be down there may 1. and stay the weekend. Hope to have a pan full of fish and maybe even some mushrooms. I am sure we will have a good time regardless. come on down and visit heaven as we know it!
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    Another way to tell for sure on the anal fin is that channels have 24-28 rays of fin bones and blues will have 30 or more. Wish you had a picture. Would be nice to confirm.
  9. not to be a downer, but there is pretty much no chance it was a blue, much more likely a impressively massive channel. the males in particular look alot like blues when they get big by the large meaty head, and they gray/blueish tint they get, with no spotting whatsoever. the anal fin on blues that size is so distinct that you would notice that probably before the color. either way that was an awesome catch, if it was a blue it was very rare, and if it was a channel it was a giant.