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  1. I went fishing this morning 10/13/07 with my nephew Julian (who is 13 yrs. old). We managed to catch some steelhead in the deep holes with some flow. Julian caught his second steelhead ever and it was a 31 inch fighting machine. This was a heck of a battle to witness. He was swinging a spinner at the head of the pool. Here are some pictures.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here is my first steel on a center pin that I got out of Rocky Friday evening 10/12/07.


    The fish and the pin:


  2. Nice looking steelie. looks like a nice hole too.
  3. findiesel

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    Great fish there. He'll never be the same after that!

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    thanks for sharing the pics!!!

  5. Congrats to both of you.:B Thanks for sharing the pictures.:)
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    Nice pics....nothing beats a smiling youth with a fish!!!
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    nice fish, ill be heading out east tues afternoon.
  8. nice looking fish. are steelhead part of the samon family, or trout and what kind of spinner do steelies hit?
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    Nice job!
    How did you like the pin versus your mepps?
  10. My favorite spinner is a Mepps in a size 3 in silver. Also I use Bluefox spinner size 2 firetiger. Keep the spinner down near the bottom without snagging for best results. I can't stand Roostertail spinners because the blade never spins half the time. Do not use a swivel. Tie the spinner directly to the line. Go to this link and scroll down to swivels in the article if you don't believe me:
  11. So far I like the pin a lot. I wanted a new challenge. Fighting a fish on the pin is hands down the winner verses spinning gear. If it was float fishing with spinning gear verses a center pin the pin wins. The long mend free drifts and how the float tracks to the seam by itself is unbelievable. Do you use a pin?
  12. ahhh the dark side!!!!!


  13. Nice fish glad to see someone start the season out great
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    I started early last winter.
    Took a few trips but finally got it down pat.
    Its hands down the best way to fish.