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$300 starter!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by wave warrior, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. starter went out on my i/o merc at lorain launch...looked at the web site...$240 for starter-$60 for selanoid!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone have any sug. for a cheaper solution??? going to go to my local rebuild shop and see...last CAR starter they did for me was $80...hope that they can fix me up for close to that!!!

    if it helps...1991 181cid 3.0 liter GM mercruiser part#50-806965A
  2. Eriesteamer

    Eriesteamer BORN TO RIDE THE WAVES

    I see these I O motors are mostly GM motors.thus can not see why a car useing same motor will not work.If will not mount then pull it apart and use what ever.I used to work on them.rebuilt myself.took what ever out one thats same and used to fix em.back then that was years ago i use to get new brushess from VW dealer and use em.they where a bit bigger but filed down to fit.worked every time.out board dealers sell them for 20 bucks at VW was 2 bucks a pair.last you can maybe go to a lawn mower repair place they know where send em to rebuild em.probley be high you say try any rebuilder.most I fix was brussess. and if the winding in houseing shot best get another.the armature try useing a car one of same.lots shops rewind arematures.try the car parts places. they maybe able get it rebuilt as I say they are very simular to car ones.thus a 4 banger GM motor in boat and in car are very simular.mind had a mercury ( GM cavalier ) motor in it.but I never replaced it.just brussess.

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    Go to NAPA they have marine parts, usually a lot cheaper .
  4. what ever you do, don't put a car starter in your starters are not explosion prof and boat starters are, and your starter is down where the gas fumes lay
  5. looked into 4 cyl.=82hp...marine=130hp=high torque starter
    napa could not help...
    EXACTLY!!! that is why i will get my MARINE starter rebuilt!!! THANK YOU ALL for the responses!!!
  6. Try the napa web site and type in the merc number in the non-napa part number, it has crossed alot of merc. parts for me, one's the counter guy was to lazy to find.
  7. I found one new (sierra) for $130, no tax/free shipping.

    Also, don't put a car starter in your boat. It will work, but if it makes a spark when the conditions are right.....BOOM!!

    The 3.0 L is actually the GM "iron duke" straight 6, minus 2 cylinders. Just FYI. Phenominal engine.
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    EBasic Power dot com has very fair pricing on starters and all other parts.. 2 day delivery to Ohio if in stock.

    Any reputable starter re-build shop can rebuild that starter.
  9. co-captain/navigator/NET MAN!!:D /driver for trolling(thanks rex!) ETC. rattletraprex found one for under $100 shipped!!! guess he acually IS better than I at the computer!!!:p will be here before the weekend!!!!! THANKS TO ALL for the leads/advise!!
  10. VERY GOOD ADVISE... Guys with i/o you need to replace parts with MARINE parts they may look the same outside or have very similar apperances to auto parts but internally are set up for very fummy areas below deck.
  11. Well hope the starter problem is finally solved. The one he got off the internet lasted a few days so put the original rebuilt one in. It worked for one day on the big pond. Luckly when it wouldn't start we were at the Vermillion ramp and Dave told us the guy next to him may have one. He did and at a good price.I'll have to get the name of his store and if anyone needs something during the Hogfest he has a great selection and was open Early on a Sunday. Here on the rebuilt one it was just a $2 ground pin and the guy said it was the first one in 30 some years he ever saw a bad one. He's going to fix it so we have a spare and the other place is going to return his money. Just glad we have this fixed before the fest.
  12. WW Did you get your starter fixed? I had the same trouble last week. I took mine to Mac's Auto-Truck Electic, 43337 Parsons Rd. Oberlin, OH 44074 Phone# 440-774-2863 M-F 7:30-5 They had to rebuild it from scratch. Only thing they saved on it was the case and nose and cost me $145.00+ Tax. Sorry I didn't have this info earlyer but I just seen yout thread.