3 wt panfish set up?

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  1. I've been thinking about a 3 wt for pan fish. Currently I use a cheap 5-6.
    Will this be an upgrade and will it increase the pleasure of panfishing?

    Or should I just stay with the 5-6 and upgrade my reel?

    Are the 3 wt's hard to fish with?
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    How much you want to spend?

  3. Joe,
    My "go to" outfit for panfish & trout is my St Croix Legend Ultra (pre-IPC), an 8' 3wt that is an absolute rocket launcher. I have no trouble powering casts into the wind with it, & YES....a 3wt will definitely increase the enjoyment of panfishing. I have taken gills & redear up to 11" on my 3 wt & it's a hoot!
    Not hard to fish with at all.
  4. Can one find a nice 3 wt for under 100 bucks?
  5. Joe,
    Check out Cabela's. They have some very nice, & reasonably priced combos. Excellent customer service too & that's important.
  6. Thanks Mike, sure will!
  7. Joe,
    The Three Forks combo at Cabela's is just $80.00 plus shipping & the guys I know who have it, love it. IMHO, you won't beat the price & quality. Let me know what you decide, but you can't go wrong on that one for under 100 bucks!
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    my cabelas rod works great! my cousin got the 3 forks and loves it. if you are a fly fisher on a budget go for it!! never tried a 3wt but was also thinking of getting one. just curious what happens if you get a big bass or catfish on there tho? will your line break?
  9. i got a 3wt this year and i love it, breeze to fish with and you can still get some distance if needed. i think tfo makes a $99 rod, and the tfo's i have fished are rockets
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    I agree on the three forks. for the money it is a nice piece. I use mine more than my st croix avid.
  11. I have a three forks 7'6" 3wt and am very glad I bought it. It is alot of fun to fish with and puts your fly where you want it...three weights are not hard to fish with. If you get along well with your 5/6 then you'll be fine with a 3wt.
  12. Picked up a Granger 7' 3wt (IM7) off troulet.com, paired it with a Martin Brook reel and it cost about 50.00 together.

    It is a nice outfit for the money, compare it to the TFO and couldn't tell any difference. NO warrentee so the extra spent for the TFO might be worth it.

    The 7' was a little tiring for all day so built out a Dan Craft 9' 3 wt...was going to get a TFO but they don't make a 3wt in 9'.

    The 9' Dan Craft build has become the rod I grab first.
  13. BTW, someone asked about bigger fish...have caught a 20-22" Smallie on the Clearfork and several 2-3' carp on the 7' 3wt. and the Granger is ultra light style.

    If your reel has a drag and you play the fish keeping the rod horizontal the water for the most part you shouldn't have too many issues.
  14. As Brhoff stated, large fish can be caught on light gear. I have taken a few 22" plus channel cats on my 3wt while gill fishing in a favorite pond. Caught all on 6X tippet (usually 2-3 lb test). Also, as stated, keep the rod low...I'm usually about 45 degrees off horizontal with a light drag..I can always palm the spool if needed. I can't stand those shows where they show guys reeling fish in with the rod perpendicular to the water...that's just asking for broken line & often a broken rod...of course, those folks don't pay for their rods.
  15. I was just looking thru the catalog last night. I think thats what I'll do. Is there a certain line needed for a 3 wt?
  16. Joe,
    I always recommend buying good line, although that 3 Forks outfit comes with line (I'm sure its a WF3F)....you'll be good to go right out of the package. I would advise you to get a hard case for it art some point. I like the cases that hold rod & reel. I have a double rod/reel case that houses my 3 wt & my 5 wt.
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    I use a 3wt 7ft diamondglass for my bluegill fishing. I catch everything else on it also including a 19 inch bass this year. No problem bringing them in, just dont use tippet below 4x. By far I like Rio line.
  18. I have a 3 weight, 7' 6" Cabela's rod with which I have fished for about 15 years, and it is still going strong. I have pricier outfits which I prefer for fighting bigger fish, but I have caught a lot of big sunfish and small bass on my Cabela's outfit.
  19. FYI, if you want to go even lighter (and slower), Global Dorber sells a reasonable 2 wt as well. I love mine, although I wouldn't consider such a slow rod a rocket launcher -- it's just fun to fish with. I've pulled in a 4 lb largemouth on that rod (you definitely don't want to high-stick a fish, although the slow action makes the whole rod feel like a shock absorber). I'd love to fish with a 00 Sage one of these days, that thing must feel like a feather.

    Good advice all around.
  20. I use a 4wt double taper on my 3wt and works well for me..if you are fishing in tight quarters it will load with less line...if you don't get a combo try and get a lighter reel for your 3wt(under 4oz)..balancing them is sometimes difficult.