3 Pound LM and some Crappie

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishingfoolBG, May 21, 2008.

  1. Hit a pound outside of BG for about an hour. I was using this stick bait I had on my pole for the past 3 weeks and I thought is was about time to switch it up. I switched to a strom swimbait and landed a 3 pound LM and a few dinks. I put it on the scale and it was right on 3 pounds. Fished a little longer and got 4 nice crappie. Wasn't really trying for crappie but suprised to see i laned 4 of them in the last 30 minutes. I guess ill be out there tomorrow trying for the crappie while they are still biting!!!

    Heres the pic of the bass and one of the crappies.


    (they were all about this size)
  2. Nice fish, Pond fishing is fun, my access to a nice one was cut off when our family friends sold the property!

  3. I just moved to a condo development which surrounds a small lake. Yesterday, i walked along the shore with a Strike King bitsy bug mini jig, in a watermelon color with a 2-1/2" madtom crawfish. I didn't have much time, so I was under the gun to pick the right lure. I cast about 10 times before catching the first fish, about a 14" LMB. On the next cast, I caught one a bit larger. I had to get back to the house, so these were the only fish.
    This evening I went back out, with the same lure, and caught ten, from 12" to 18", as a walked around the lake.
    A few observations: I must have matched the surroundings, as the bite was good. I was using 40# Power Pro line with a 25# Gamma Flourocarbon leader, and the sensitivity was awesome. The 40# Power Pro is equal to 10# mono. I could feel everything. It seemed like i could feel the fish swimming toward the lure to hit it. I am hooked on Power Pro, and my new home lake.