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  1. Today i had three peronal records. First I caught my first fish from a river(GMR). Second i caught my first saugeye(or sauger. not quite sure.). And finally i caught my first skipjack herring. not a good day for most, but exciting for me. both were caught at dravo park on the GMR. The saugeye came on a white twister and the skipjack on a spoon that i unfotenoutly lost to a fallen tree.
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    I know the fallen tree you were talkin about. Glad you saw some action. Those skipjack look weird.

  3. yeah the skipjack was very weird looking. Tons of scales were coming off of it when i was taking the hook out. It had a weird mouth like a carp.
  4. A skipjack has a mouth like a tarpon. It's narrow which is why they are hard to hook and even harder to land.
  5. Well im not quite sure then what it could have been the mouth had no teeth at all. It was like rubber.what do you guys think. Was maybe 12 inches or so.
  6. Using the same resource (as I have nothing to do right now except watch football), I was thinking of a smallmouth buffalo. The golden redhorse sounds like a better match. The strange thing is that it hit a spoon.
  7. It may have been that golden redhorse but i cannot remember what color the fins were honestly.
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    A trick I learned from steelehad fishing about fish that jump alot is keep the rod low to the side and pull down when they jump. I do that w/ skips and land most that way as opposed to losing most like I used to,TC1
  9. TC1, you are correct about holding the rod tip low to the water to keep skippies from jumping. I love to see those things jump though. They are also very good at throwing the hook. If I'm after bait for catfish and stripers, then I might use the low rod technique. If I'm just fishing for fun, then they can jump and carry on all they want. I bet the old fly rod would be a blast on those things. I just might get mine out here pretty soon.
  10. Where's a good place for skip jack and what's the best bait for them, cause I would love to have a couple for bait the next outing.
  11. Here's one from the Scioto River at Portsmouth yesterday caught on a 3" Sluggo while fishing for White Bass. Anything that resembles a minnow should work. Mean Morone, you have that Skipjack Lure ready yet???:)

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  12. They are supposed to be running very thick on the Ohio right now. 2 of my friends went down there in the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago my friend caught 60 in the morning. My other friend caught about 125 last Weds night. They said they run at sun up and at sun down, and you dont see them during the day. You only have about a 30 minute window in the morning and at night. They said that if you closed your eyes and just listned that it sounded like it was raining, because of how much they are jumping around.

    I might try and head down there tomorrow and see if I cant catch any...
  13. Let me know if you do any good, cause I'd hate to drive almost an hour to end up disappointed (not that it would be a first).
  14. sounds to me like a sucker, they have a mouth like a carp.................Mike
  15. Still- Waters-
    I went to Meldehl dam today with my friend. Got there a little late. They were jumping everywhere. Managed 20 of them in about 15 minutes, and then they just dissappeared. Small ones though. All about 5 inches. Hopefully I can locate some larger ones.

    Only thing they would hit are small sabiki rigs, worked very fast, skipping them on the surface of the water. If you go at night I would get there around 6:15 and wait for them. We got there at 6:45 and they were already jumping everywhere. Fished until about 7 and they went away.
  16. Thanks a bunch FishDealer, hope I can have a bit of luck getting some.