3 fish ohio's in 3 days!

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  1. I was camping out at westbranch with my family over the weekend and on saturday evening after that storm went out with my dad and we caught about 15 bass most of which were 10-12 inches but one in particular wasn't!! it was a thick 20 1/8 in. smallie! monday went to a private lake in the afternoon and caught several bass one which was a 21 1/2 inch hog.... still a little blood coming off of her tail too... I was surprised to see that! but then I caught a 15 3/4 in. crappie on a 3 in tube!!! biggest crappie and smallie to date! can't wait to get out again!
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    Congrat! Thats quite a weekend. Thats how you do it.

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    mike.. joo lie... theres no fishys in wb lol jk... sounds like a pretty good weekend :D lemme know if ya need someone to help haul in them hawgs ;)
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    Now that's a heck of a weekend! Nice job!
  5. great job! Thats a great weekend of fishing.
  6. FYI - this post is worthless without pictures!!!!


    Good job - sounds like you had a great time!
  7. thanks everyone.... it was a good weekend to get out! ok here is the smallie.... my girlfriend has the largemouth and the crappie on her camera so when she gets em on my computer I can get those to ya too!

  8. sonic..... its been a while! and you know better than that! the only way that i can describe westbranch and my relationship is definately a love/hate relationship! some days you can't get enough of it and some days you can't wait to get off of it!
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    well until i catch a fish from WB, im still gonna keep my belief that there aint no fish in that thar lake lol.......... and yeah its been a while mike how long did those gills we caught out on the ice last you? gimme a shout some time dood :D
  10. I loaded up on crappie too! my dad caught two walleye about 17 inches! I probably caught 60 crappie throughout the weekend! I only tried for em for a total of about 3 hours too! only problem was that only about 15 of them were over 8 inches anyway they are in there! all I can say is there are carp everywhere! you will have to get out there with me!
  11. it was! I tell you what anytime you can go to a lake like berlin or westbranch and have good days it is very fun! very rewarding too! makes you feel better about all those hard days!
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    I fished West Branch for a few hours on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I got a 41.25 inch Muskie Wednesday and a 36 incher on Thursday. Not bad for a few hours fishing!
  13. sounds good to me! I had a toothy critter bite a yum dinger as I was reeling it in to go in before the storm hit! I felt the hit gave it a little slack set the hook and absolutely nothing! cut clean off... that was the second time that happened out there! either a pike or a muskie!
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    Still need one more "other fish" for the "Master Angler Pin".

    LOL' Congrats Again!!

  15. no I already had the bluegill from ice fishing! pretty cool!
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    Or shark haha jk. Good Job on the fish!
  17. here are the pics of the largemouth and the crappie! the crappie might have only been 15 1/2 since its mouth was open when i measured it! still the biggest crappie I have ever caught! here they are!
  18. you never know in that lake!