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3 Days of fishing.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bubba bass bigfoot, May 28, 2007.

  1. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    Me and my dad went to the Darby Saturday and Sunday. Tried some new spots. looked great but were not all that great. saw some bigger fish but spooked them. we ended up 1 LM, 10 SM (All but 3 of ok size) and 3 Rock Bass. not bad but not what we wanted.
    Also there were big form what i have seen shad or shinners (but have heard of bigger). that would tear you tube or soft plastic up. but my dad caught one on a Huskey Jerk. we could have got alot of those but throwing smaller cranks in little side holes.

    Then Tonight we went catfishig. I got a Smallie and my dad got a Gill and a Channel Cat. I saw a BIG Smallie jumping down the river. so i went up the the tree in the water it was jumping at. started catsing top water stuff, soft plastics and more, nothing. then it showed it's self it was BIG. probley 18-20 incehs. but could not get it. we moved and thats when i got the smallie it was 5inches LOL. after a while of catfishing with no luck i start casting for Bass and Gills. thats why i got a smallies when cat'n. dad got the Cat of our home made dough bait for carp lol. and the little gill on a big chunk of Liver. the gill dies :( it keep spahing around but just did not make it, we tried bringing it back but it was just a Gill.

    this is a long enough report but if i would tell you about all the Odd things that happened while fishing it would alot longer, well if i went into detail.

    So all in all the Weekend was not bad. did not catch many fish and no Bubba's but i was fishing with my dad.

    Heres the Cat he got. [​IMG]
  2. Hey Bubba, thought you were gonna holler at me before you went, lol, it's all good. We'll hook up another time maybe. Just was wanting to hook up with some folks with some experience with that creek. Sounds like you didn't have to bad a weekend. Good fishin!!!