3-Bass/Farm Pond

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    Stood in the snow & fished a farm pond this evening for the last 45-minutes of daylight.
    Caught two on a suspended jerk bait. (They didn't hit it in jerkbait mode. They only hit on a slow steady retrieve.)
    Caught one on a Rapala rattletrap. (Again, with a steady slow retrieve.)
    Had two hits but misses on my jigncrawler after the sun went down.
    One of my sons buddies caught two on a 7-inch soft plastic worm. (Slow)


    P.S. Nothing worth bragging about. They were all dinks.
  2. lg_mouth

    lg_mouth It's Trigger Time!!!

    ...but they were BASS!


  3. its that time of year! i caught my first pond bass of the year this afternoon, nice fish pushing 3.5 on a jig n pig goofing around. i got all excited and went total icconelli when i caught it, booyah!
  4. When the water's in the low to middle 40's, they're all worth braggin' about!

    Good job and Good fishin'