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3.6 cu ft. Mini Fridge

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by ashtonmj, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. ashtonmj


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    I have a Sanyo 3.6 cu ft. 0.9 amp (drawing in) fridge I would like to sell.
    It is 5 years old, but has not been used for the past year and a half. Overall I would say it has 3 accum. years of use on it. This is a typical dorm room size fridge, and many colleges now have restrictions on size and especially amp's to keep their electric bills down and older wiring and breakers. I do not have (or can't find it off the top of my head) the plastic door for the internal "freezer", but honestly it wont even keep a popsicle frozen and never would. These retail new for $150.00 - 130.00. I am asking for 50.00. I am currently living in Akron, but make frequent trips up to downtown cleveland/burbs, and will most likely be making a trip or two down to the ashland/richland co. area in the next month.