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  1. landed 23 keep 16 mid lake west bank all white crappie no black
    all at 9 to 16 ft. deep 2" tub jigs
    good luck Larry
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    What was the water like? Haven't been to Brookville to fish, what is the best ramp to use? I would be greatfull for any advice you could give me on brookville.



  3. water was light stain & temp was 43/46 all ramps open lake is .6 below summer pool. good luck Larry
  4. i have a question someone told me that the eyes spawn up the river at brookville like they do on the maumee. Is that true
  5. Fished Brookville for 3hrs this evening. Caught around 30, picked up one big fish in Ellis Creek on a stump. Most of the fish I caught was 2' deep. Everything I caught came off of vertical structure.
  6. I have been told that also, if you are looking for eye's this time of year I would launch from either Quakertown or Hanna Creek (i think that's the name) it's the first ramp you come to after Quakertown.

    There is a river bed along the shore that has been productive for eye's and bass this time of year. Trolling works well - watch the electronics for some pools along the way for good ambush spots. not sure the water is clear enough right now??
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    i heard that you have to get a launch permit to fish brookville if from ohio. where would one get this permit?
  8. Ohio? no everyone needs a permit to launch a boat on IN. state lakes. They will set up someone at the ramps. If they are not there go fishing !!! No one is there this time of the year. When they are, a year,s pass covers all lakes in the state.
    good luck & be safe!
  9. You can get one at the Ranger Station at either White water or the Mounds campgrounds. - not sure what the cost is this year for non-resident - last year it was $40 - but like yates said, it's good for the entire state of IN - and if you don't actually put it on the boat just show at the ramp you can use it for more than one boat ;)
  10. Fished saturday 3/29 10am to 3pm managed 15 crappie. 40 degree water temperatures, high winds. 14-18 feet.
  11. Went to Indian early yesterday morining, lake was muddy and very windy. We picked up a few fish. Left Indian around 1pm. Was on Brookville from 5-8pm. We caught around 125-150 crappie in 3hrs. Also caught 2 smallmouth and 1 walleye. Biggest smallmouth was around 4lbs. Water temp was 44.

  12. i went around 1:30PM to 4. My buddy had never used his boat so it was more of a learning experience in the boat. I had also never fished Brookville so we really had no clue what we we're doing. I only got to fish for a half hour and didn't get a bite. Sounds like it was a good day for others. I need somebody to show me how to fish the right way because I'm new and counting on a guy who can't work his own boat. If anybody ever has an opening spot and wants to take on a very green fisherman who is really eager to learn, let me know!
  13. It's been awhile since I have been on this board. Glad to see you posting! Good luck slab hunting this year!!

    -Larry Rhoads
  14. I had never been to Brookville fishing before, but after reading some of this post I thought I would give it a try. I went Tuesday April 1st.

    Put boat in at Quakertown. Fished from the Dunlapsville rd. bridge down to almost as far south as Hanna Creek. Stuck mostly to the west side because of wind (brrrrrr). Fished deep water 15-19', banks, timber, bridge pilings, lots of good structure on graph, fish on graph...never had a bite. 6 hours I tried. It was great to get out could have used boatside coffee service, but man what did I do wrong.

    Everything I saw said there should have been fish there. Any input???
  15. Water temps dictate that the 'eyes are still spawning back up the creeks, and will probably be ten days to two weeks before the males start making it back down in the lake. There are two areas on that west side area that hold 'eyes at that point - 1) Quakertown beach, and 2) "Graveyard", which is a point south of the powerlines. A lot of guys concentrate on the east bank near the power lines. Remember - stay shallow in spring for Brookville walleye.
    Crappie have been sluggishly holding close to cover in deeper (16') water.
    Warmer weather can't get here soon enough!!!
  16. Hi guys,
    Starvin.., dog gone it, quit using dynamite for the crappie..!

    Since I'm new to brookville this year myself, which ramp to find crappie, saugeye, and which direction, when I'm leaving the ramp you guys.

    Many thanks!
  17. Most of the ramps are quite good actually. It all depends on where you are coming from and what area of the lake you're wanting to fish. I tend to use the Fairfield ramp, as I most frequently fish the northern pool and the No Wake zone.
    And, by the way; Walleye - there's plenty of 'em. Saugeye - not here.
  18. Fishing this evening was slower than Sunday. We caught around 75, kept around 20 to cook up this weekend. Didn't catch any shallow, all was 8-12' deep on laydowns.

  19. starvin, what were you using for bait on Brookville?
  20. 1/16 oz. jig with a 2" Black/Chartruse tube. I'll probably go again this evening, if your over there look me up I'll be fishing the laydowns around Fairfield ramp. I'll be in a tan Alluminum Triton boat.