3-26-05 Smallies

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  1. I had a difficult time deciding where to go this morning. I decided against making the long trip to the Mad River (afraid to spend $20 in gas only to find that it was unfishable), and also had to rule out trying for saugeye on the GMR (boring). I decided to wade a creek for some smallies (first time fishing this creek). Fished with a 3.5” Snoozer Tube and a 1/8oz EZ rattling weight.


    It started slow, but I though that I was getting bites. I was already fishing the tube slow, but I slowed it down even further (painfully slow).


    My first smallie of the year, and a personal best at 18”.

  2. However, the day was not over and PBs are made to be broken.

    I moved to a really good looking hole and……..BAM!

    My second smallie of the year, and a new personal best at 20”.

    I caught two more smallies (both dinks). I also had a VERY nice largemouth on, but he made a run towards me before I knew that I had a bite. I never got a good hook set, and when he turned the tube came out. I got a good look at him, and he was a MONSTER.


  3. Freeze

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    Rooster - Nice smallies. Were the fish in slow water? thanks...
  4. wow! nice smallies rooster....Sounded like a fun fishing trip
  5. oh man talk about a great day... 2 PB's in the same day !!! AWESOME MAN...
  6. I only got bites in the deepest pools that had plenty of wood with little or no current. The fish were very lethargic. They pulled hard once hooked, but did not have the normal smallie spunk!

    I can’t over emphasize how slow I was dragging the tube. I would slowly reel in about two feet of line, and then pause for about 10 seconds. The bites were coming during the pause, and they were very light pecks.
  7. Tee

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    Awesome Rooster! Very nice Smailies. Glad you got out and enjoyed the day.

  8. Man that is some nice fish. Nice pictures of the fish but the guy holding them needs some work. :D Glad to see that you topped your best.
  9. What a way to start the spring great brown fish!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS
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    Rooster, I used craw tubes today in the pond near our house. I did close to the same thing you did. I Texas rigged them and reeled in as slow as I could. I never paused but I don't think I could have reeled any slower if I tried. I had the same type of hits you did. A couple of quick pulls. The fish may be a little slow yet but they are still hungry. :D
  11. Two great smallies in one day. It sounds like you had a great day.
  12. mrfishohio

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    Great !! And in a SW OH stream makes it even better......
  13. Nice fish Rooster. Seeing pics like that makes me anxious to hit the Hocking for a few smallies. Got a PB I would like to break!
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    Your picture had me dizzy, so I made it staight..still not sure, crooked trees !!


    Of course, it looks much nicer in the bigger size (click) :rolleyes:
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    It looks more impressive in the large size, but it would be too wide to post, so I rotated it to make it fit the page. Sweet !! ;)

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    Congrats Rooster, nice job!
  17. Awesome fish! Always look forward to your posts and pics!
  18. Rooster,

    You had a much better day than I did. All I managed to do was foul hook a shad.

    I will have to try that slow cranking.

  19. Floater

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    Congrats on the beautiful smallies. I can't wait to get out and try for some!
  20. jellywormer

    jellywormer Waiting for the tap tap.

    Way to go Rooster! What chunks! I am jealous! Nice fish indeed!