3/18 pike island

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  1. hit it again this afternoon with htnickle he did much better 2day he had minnows lolol :p he got about 5or 6 saugars an i ended up with 10 saugars
    an 1 walleye all saugars were 10 to 14'' an the wally was about 15'' all released 2 grow up ;) ht got his on a minnow/ bare jig head an minnows an a
    split shot :rolleyes: i got most of mine on 3'' glowtail an 1/4oz head sometimes
    tipped with a minnow but did get a few on a stand up 1/4 oz head an a minnow :D
  2. has it been packed down there? i haven't fished there this early in the year. also if guys are there any of them catfishing? thanks

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    Good for you guys mrtwister_jbo............ I really like that area . Only been there once and that area is a nice place to get out and fish....... CATKING.
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    glad to hear they are hitting . going to take my grandfather dad & son over in the morning . was the creek at the end of the pier making it real muddy ? if pike doesn't work out i think we will try new cumberland ohio side first . thanks for the info and will let you know how we do .