3.18 for gas

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  1. i drive a V6 chevy beretta 36.00 to fill my tank up today. my uncle is an owner operator semi driver. he is getting close to paying 800.00 for a tank of diesel.the dow yesterday dropped over 300 points, barrel of oil close to 100.00,the dollar is down, home foreclosures at a record high,everything goes up and the hourly wage stays the same. looks like signs of a recession to me.gas might be 4.00 by xmas.

    WINNER I hate Cleveland.

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    No!!!! Gas here was $3.03 this a.m. by the time I left work it was $3.19 :( WB
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  5. Aint it great to get raped at the pump? If i really spoke my mind i would probably be banned from this webcite.
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    I had been paying 2.89 all summer here in sad WV. The other day it was 3.19 but I dont want to even think about going out and see what it is now. I think ee have been in a recession for awhile it just that Bush Administration is falsely downplaying it to their advantage all along.
  7. Down with bush, just a thought wasnt the gas prices before bush got into office somewhere around 1.60 or so a gallon? He doesnt seem to worried about the people of his country, he wouldnt even pass a bill to give insurance to every kid in america.

    I think the real question now is who do we vote for in the next election?
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    I wish we had a political forum so we could hash these topics out, but I digress. Here in a couple weeks, we will all be hoping for $3.18 a gallon I bet. Glad I picked up a work car. Thank God it runs good and was easy on the bilfold.

    All I am going to say is don't just blame Bush, this was foretold many years ago and we paid absolutely no attention to it.

  9. 3.19 here in Central Ohio as well...Thank God I dont have to cut my grass for awhile.
  10. Here we go..... Before you start blamming the problem on Bush.... why dont you get a little more educated.... There are many more factors involved with the situation rather than just saying..o well bush was in office and gas went up.....? People realize what has happened durring his presidency.... MAYBE THE SINGLE MOST DISASTEROUS MOMENT in US HISTORY... He is trying to defend our country so you can still head down to the local fishin hole....
    Do i agree with all of his actions? HECK NO....Do I consider myself a republican? No.....
    There are growing economies in china, and many other countries that have increased demand on a product that has very limited supply. When that happens guess what? prices will go up. The oil companies are only going to produce an amount of gas that is profitable to them... not to mention that there is a high amount of tension in the middle east..

    I hate paying these prices too!!!!! believe me I drive a truck and am commute as a fulltime college student....

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

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    Since onebadmthr opened the door, I am going to lay down my nickel of knowledge as well.

    Bush has been a poor president, but gas prices are not his fault. Take a look at the US over the last 30 years. A refinery has not been built in the US in the last 30 years, we have drilled very few oil wells in the last 30 years, we are not allowed to tap into the oil in Alaska, no new drilling of the coast of FL and we haven't built a any nuclear power plants in the last 10 I believe. Now, is Bush to blame? NO! The ones to blame are the environmental extremists. We can't build refineries because of pollution, we can't drill new oil wells because of the risk of killing furry animals, we can't deap sea drill because of the fishies, and we won't build nuclear power plants because uneducated people think they will blow up and kill everybody. Now, I can gaurantee there aren't many environmental extremists sharing the same political party with Bush.

    Do a little reading and educate yourself on the topic. Don't throw everything in Bush's lap.

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    Dont feel bad. It cost me $80 to fill up my truck and another $80 to fill up the boat.
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    ...I may as well keep going. Another reason our gas prices are going up is because Americans refuse to cut back. Gas prices go up and Americans buy more! Can we really blame the oil companies?

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    Oil is not the answer. Drilling for more oil is only a temporary solution.

    We NEED alternative fuels NOW!!!
  16. What actually has changed in the past few years to cause the increase in price ? They blame the refinerys and lack of them for it but dont you notice that there is no shortage at all....just high prices and oil companies posting record profits. If the refineries were really having trouble keeping up with demand , there would be lack of fuel not just high prices and the oil companies wouldnt be reporting record profits. After all , there isnt that much more gasoline being used now then there was a few years ago , not enough to swamp the oil industry the way it has been claimed. My personal opinion is we are being lied to. The price of foreign oil reportedly went over 100 dollars a barrel and that has more to do with it than anything but as one of the largest oil consumers in the world if not "the largest" , washington has the ability to deal with the issue if they really wanted to , ...I dont see the president of the USA bowing to saudi arabia unless he really wanted to . Its not a conspiracy theory , just taking the information they give us little people and looking at it from a different angle besides the one we've been given. With no "real" evidence that the government wants us to cut back on our use of fuel , ( like there would be if there was a real problem ) ,..there must be another agenda at work. And the fact that atleast 2 families at the top of our government are into oil and making money big time.. dosent paint a very good picture either.
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    Many thought ethanol was going to be the answer, but all that did was make corn prices skyrocket.

    I am not saying drilling for oil will permanently fix anything, but that will at least get the ball back in our court, not us playing nice with the middle easterners and south americans.

    I will agree that the oil companies are bending us over the pumps at will. I heard yesterday that they only make $0.08 on a gallon of gas, that has to be a total lie. Their profits are skyrocketing. They actually had the audacity to complain that their quartlerly profits shrunk from $19.4 billion to $17.7 billion! Yeah, hard to feed a family on that!

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    i saw something on the news the other night about a grass that was cheeper and produced more ethonol than corn wish i could remember what it was called

    i think we need an alternitive i filled up this morning and it was 43 bucks that will last me a week 160 a month is too much for me i sure dont use my jeep as much as i would like to and the payment is 265 so +ins its costing me almost 500 bucks a month to drive anyone want to buy a jeep and boat lol

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Shown below is my solution. I have a 150cc scooter that I use during the spring/summer time. I get over 100 miles per gallon. This saves me in the pocket book. Not very pratical during those times the weather isn't good, but is does help.

    We all need Twist and Go vehicles that get 100 MPG....

    I will most likely upgrade to this model in the spring.

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    Yes, but realize since the govt. already subsidizes farmers to NOT grow corn that could all change very quickly. Also, I feel our govt. has a big say in what the cost of ethanol is. (I attribute that to big oil's control on the politician's.) **I saw a program on Discovery where in Sao Paolo, Brazil their govt. requires all fuel stations to carry gas, diesel and ethanol. While prices of gas and diesel were pretty close to what we pay here in America their price for ethanol was right around $1.00/gallon. I notice here in the USA ethanol "might" save you .50¢ per gallon. Wonder why that is? Not to mention, ethanol is less polluting than gasoline or diesel.

    We all need to face the fact that the cheap, easy to find oil is gone - and what we can still get to is not going to last forever. The entity that comes up with an alternative fuel source will be the new power in the world. The sooner we can rid ourselves from the shackles of middle east oil, the sooner we won't have to worry about getting involved in the crap that goes on over there.