$3,000 found; police seek owner

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  1. Agent47

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    Which one of you went to the lake and forgot your money ?


    and for those who cant get to the page.

    Mogadore police are looking for the owner of $3,000 dollars found at a hardware store.

    On Oct. 19, a package containing the money was found at Carter Lumber in Mogadore, police said.

    To establish ownership of the money, an individual must be able to describe the denominations of the bills and the package containing the money.

    Once ownership is established, the money will be released after the necessary paperwork is done.

    The owner of the money should contact Detective Todd Higgins with the Mogadore Police Department at 330-633-4404.
  2. Thanks i was so worried i would never find it . LOL

  3. snake69

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    Were the bills green with alot of former presidents' faces? Yep, that's mine, better go collect it! I'm trying to figure how you would lose that kind of money. If I was carrying that much, it would be so deep in my pocket, you'd practically need a crane to get it out!
  4. HONEST .IT"S mine, I was on my way to pay the new taxes on my boats . lol.
  5. chaunc

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    Sounds like a sting operation to me. Go to try to claim the money and they check to see if there's a warrent out from your past.;) CLAIMER'S BEWARE!
  6. Your exactly right on that chaunc They will be all nice to you like heres your money then handcuff you at the same time. LOL
  7. fisherman5567

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    especially after they find trace amounts of coke on it.
  8. The One

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    More likely $3000 cash and the y are omitting the part "with a bunch small white packages mixed in with it."
  9. joe01

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    that was my non-taxed bonus:):):)
  10. sure hate it for the Poor guy that left that money at the lumber store. That 3 grand could have bought a few more sheets of ply-wood, and maybe even a two by four or two! Man that lumber is high dollar as it is without leaving a 3000 dollar tip!
  11. that is my money. was on my way to get gas for winterizing the boat and getting gas in my truck. didnt have enough money to fill it up. :)
  12. crooked stripe

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    There has been many times I have been there with that much and even more. As Rustyhook said, the price of lumber is way up. The last kitchen I did had over $5000 in just cabinets. The solid surface top was $8500.
    A lot of older folks give cash as a down payment. I prefer a check I just have to wait for it to clear. Thanks for the honest person that turned in the cash.
    $3000 lost, would cost all the labor envolved in most projects.
  13. Assuming the story is real, im impressed that someone turned it in. With all the bad things you hear about people in the news, its nice to think theres people out there who would do the right thing. I think of myself as a genuinely good person, but man, what a temptation. Three grand would pay alot of bills....
  14. hey did somebody lose a big knot of cash wrapped with a rubber band. I found the rubber band.
  15. Kudos to store employee Edward Black, who found the money & turned it in. If they have an award for "Employee of the Year", Ed should get it. Honesty such as his is pretty rare anymore.