2nd Time For Broken Transom Saver

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  1. My buddy at work has a o1 20ft Fisher deep v, that he just had the transom saver break for the 2nd time. Both times it was the 1 for the kicker motor, 9.9. Any body have any theory's or corrections for this?
  2. another concern was opinions on "happy troller" plates, i use my 9.9 for trolling only but i may eliminate except for restricted lakes. the boat has a merc. 4.3 200 hp i/o but cannot slow down enough for appropriate trolling speeds, have seen these trolling "plates" but have never heard good/bad about them?? i guess they also act as a hydrofoil when in the up position??

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    i use one for my 40 hp and it works very well. i can get down to .05 mph. they can be a pain to use at times. i always caught the release rope in my prop somehow. now i use a steel rod for the release. it does not work as well as my hydrofoil for plaining though. i have been thinking of adding some aluminum plates to the sides to make it wider and use it year round if it works as good as the hydrofoil.