2nd Half Browns???

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  1. As I have been watching the Browns for the past couple of week's, it amazes me how they have found ways to let the Steelers and the Ravens get back into the game. The Steelers are a good ball club, so I could accept that one, but the Ravens are god awful. We still pulled off the win, but it sure was ugly.

    On the otherhand, the Bengals lost because of Palmer's poor performance. Who Dey?

    Go Browns!!!! 6-4 baby!
  2. Yeah but a win is a win rihgt? The Browns beat the Ravens and THATS ALL THAT MATTERS! Who cares how it was done.:rolleyes: :D

  3. Yes...that is the point I am making, but we need to find a way to finish the games rather than letting teams back into the games.
  4. They took the game to the very end once again, but they did win. Houston next week at home. GO BROWNS!
  5. Browns will win next weekend against Houston.
    As long as Anderson is playing the way that he is don't look for the kid to play.
    Go Browns!
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    anderson and the other STAR recievers have stunk since last weeks second half. if it were not for cribbs we would have definately lost some more.we look like we are now back to 5 yard passes????
  7. freyednot,

    what difference does it make as long as they win?
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    they are not REALLY winning?? just for the fact they are not a winning team yet. i do appreciate this season and it sure has been exciting. we may make the playoffs ,as the indians did ,but not make it all the way?
  9. You dont see endings like that everyday, congrats on the win.
  10. It's impressive that they are finding a way to win most of these games but they look like they're playing "not to lose" down the stretch. I personally feel that is a reflection of the coach...
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    got to give this team time..... i remember everyone being happy early to be at .500 when they climbed to 3-3.

    theyve come a long way and it wont hapen overnight. it takes years unfortunately.
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    go browns, but i can't believe the mistakes. 4 in a row ? went from 1st and goal to 3 and 30??
  13. I agree completely. I think from an offensive standpoint they have the team to compete. The defense is still a liability and thus more of a reason to play a bit more aggressively on the offensive side. They are managing to sin most of the games that they should win (losing records) but they have not yet proven they can beat the contenders. Their best win thus far is against a 6-4 Seattle team. They have a few more .500 teams left on the regular season schedule. That should be a better test for them.

    I like where they are headed overall with the team but unfortunately I am still not sold on Romeo being the man to get them to the promised land. Unfortunately right now the road to that promised land is being owned by the Pats and I don't see anyone getting by them this year for the title.;)
  14. The Browns would have 2 maby three more games in the win column if not for their coutinual streak of stupid penalties. There were what, 4 penalties in the whole OSU/MICH game and the Brownies can accomplish 3 in one sereis. I can understand some of the holding calls where the offensive line is getting beat but not the offsides and esp. facemask, taunting and celebration penalties. They have been doing it all season. This is where I think Romeo is lacking for allowing this to continue. What ever happened to dropping the ball on the ground or handing it too the ref and just walking back to the huddle after a play. This applys to all teams. They get paid good money to make good plays, not strut, dance and trash talk.
  15. One thing is for sure, I never imagined that the Browns would be 6-4 at this point in the season. I am already happy with how they have performed this year. Do you guys remember how horrible they have been over the past 2 years. I can actually find enjoyment in watching them play.
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    did we actually get better? or did teams like cincy and baltimore and others get worse?
  17. Were 6-4 and our offense can actually move the ball. I would say we have got better.
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    Van, it's both...! I can but I won't make any excuses. :D
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    it it was not for cribbs , i am not convinced we can put on a drive down the field consistantly ,especially against a good team. we are not ready for new england or the colts yet.i love my brownies but we are not there yet .
  20. No doubt Cribbs is a huge catalyst for the Browns and one of the most valuable players. However, he is not the only positive that team has for the offensive side of the ball.

    Anderson - 10th best rating in NFL
    Offense - 12th most yards in NFL

    Compare those numbers to the numbers of the past and it should be very obvious that there is improvement. Cribbs rarely touches the ball on offense so those numbers are from everyone else. I am not ready to put them in the Super Bowl but I think they are making a move up in to the upper echelon of the league. You mentioned that we are not ready for the Colts or the Pats yet but that is a bit unfair to judge since there are about 30 other teams in the league that are not ready for the Pats.;)