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2nd eye

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by RiverRunner88, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Well as some of you know im new to walleye (caught my first one earlier this year) and lake erie fishin in general...but i was totally surprised when i caught one bass fishing at a small private pond! we were fishin out of alittle johnboat goin around the cover when this thing hit i saw the body shape and knew it was to long for a bass but i couldnt believe it when i got it in..he wasnt all the big about 15-16 inchs but still! made my day..we didnt do that great for the rest of the day about 4 small bass..but i think i am hooked gettin hooked on this walleye stuff! :)

    but has anyone ever really caught walleye in smaller pond?

  2. Congratulations on the surprise catch. You are right that they are not common to ponds. They will not reproduce in there so the fish was most likely relocated there by someone. I know of a few guys who have done the same thing with their own ponds. The fish will do great in there provided there is ample forage for them, pretty much the same as with bass. You just will not see increased numbers on their own.

  3. Very cool.I have caught some out of a few quarrys(sp)but never out of a pond.
  4. y wont they reproduce on their own in smaller ponds?
  5. I am sure there are several factors which could be explained much better than by me but I will take a shot at a few.

    First of all they prefer gravel and hard bottoms which rarely is the case in ponds as there is too much silt buildup. Also, they need a bit of current over the bedding area and that can not happen in a small body of water. I am sure there are others.