2nd Deer Down

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    Been very interesting in the woods this season... 3 weeks ago was sitting in my stand and had a doe move in with 2 lil ones from directly in front of me when she stopped 20 yds out and kept looking behind me on the other side of the ravine as i stood ready waiting for a broadside shot. All hell broke out as 2 bucks started clashing went on for 10 mins... 8 pt threw the 6 off the cliff into the creek bed 10-15 feet below... ran down after him and the continued to clash.. up and down the stream they went. The doe and 2 lil ones watched, one on each hip of her. Then to my left a doe jumped out of the creekbed and the 6 came up chasing her. The 8 was fast after but when got up looked at the doe i was still keyed on, walked over and blasted at her head with his antlers, she ran off with 1 lil one and the other had moved over and started snacking on some corn i laid out, the 8 then walked over to the young one and smacked him in the hind end and threw him off the pile. This was a great story going on and this young 8 was fun to watch so i shot him and he took off... waited 30 mins and started following blood trail... arrow straight threw could see blood coming out of both sides while trailing the blood... and blood everwhere... 800-1000 yds later in a power line blood ended with some huge clots so i searched an additional 6 hours... no deer. Was sick about it all week.

    Went back followin weekend and same doe came in and i stuck her... 8 yards from my tree... she ran 20 yards off and she was down... now in freezer.

    Played hookie Friday morning since it was 7-10 days from 2nd full moon of equinox.. and as i started climbing up tree 2 bucks started going at it 80-100 yards away on hill side behind me... was trying to be quiet but swore i made more noise then a rooster farm at the crack of dawn.... lol. got up to 35 ft... got confortable pulled up crossbow and they are still going at it. this went on from 6:20am to 7:10am... at which time a large 10 came from accross the street and chased both off.... he was made as hell... spent the next 30 mins smashing every branch, small tree and shrub in site working the whole hill side where those young ones were fighting... this was off to my right and behind me... then i hear another coming in from the left snorting and stomping moving in on this big boy and i believe it was the big 12 i have been chasing... at 7:40 i decide to bust out the grunt call and let out two short youth buck grunts waited 20 secs and did one mature grunt. not 2 mins later a nice buck came down from in front of me and was trying to figure out what was going on. Sneaking in looking off behind me at that big 10 trashing the trees... he got to 20 yds... i didn't want to take him knowing what was behind me but his body was thick and i had the perfect shot... pow.... he takes off back up the hill... slamiing into trees... finally i see him coming down the hill head over heels.. and down he was 50-60 yds to my left. called the land owner to let him know i had it down and the big 12 spotted me and took off... the 10 snorted and followed the 12.... so bad news is i took the smallest of 3.... good news i got meat... weighed 215 field dressed... so plenty of meat for freezer. enjoy the pics.

    Friday night was hunting for another doe with my bro off of my right side about 80 yds... was trying to stay awake and at 6 pm had to move so stood up stretched broke off a branch from tree next to me started shaking it and rubbing it on the other branch... smaking them shaking them... for about 30 secs... my bro was wondering what i was doing... not 5 mins later 2 bucks came up hill looking to see what was going on... looking everywhere... then started to move off to my right... i grunted a couple times and they moved within 20 yds... finally i hear my bros bow go off as he was to my left... then the 2 bucks moved off... called him and he had a big 8 come in from other side of hill trying to figure out what was going on and kept looking and moving in on me... so me trying something to keep me awake drew 3 nice bucks in... unfortunatly my bro found his 8 after flying off down the hill... hit rocks and broke both antlers off... we never found them... but the elevation of the hill is about 450ft and it took us 2 hours to pull him up... with a cart... sometimes crawling to get a grip... so great weekend... sorry i don't have picks for his.... was slightly smaller then mine. Cross your fingers that the 10 and 12 make it threw the year... lol.

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    For my Son Fish to enjoy time with my boy.

    Thats what makes us come back every year.

    He may be the smallest of the three but he is a nice deer. Congrats.

  3. It sounds like you have a great buck-to-doe ratio in there as those bucks are competing fiercely. I don't think I have ever experienced that much competition. That would be an awesome sight to see. Great story! And that buck is nothing to be disappointed about either.;)
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    Great pics and an awesome read! Congrats on those deer. Hope to get my first in the next couple weeks. I appreciate all of the tips. Your statement about making noise, we took 2 or 3 practice shots on our way out Sat. morning, 10 minutes later 3 deer walked out of the woods and right past our spot, 10 to 12 yards away. Hell, I even smoked a cigarette while I was waiting. We were done, but the noise didn't affect the deer. They seem more interested in noise when it's small than when its you're makin' a racket.
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    Hot shower with green irish spring, dry off and use vanishing hunter on my skin(mostly pits, butt, feet, and balls), leave equipment in truck at night to avoid fog on lenses, spray exterior cloths with a decentor that smells like deep forest(dirt) and leave them spread out in truck to dry, drive to gas station nearest hunt and have choc milk and powdered donuts, get to hunting spot spray vanishing hunter or scent killer on clothes i am wearing and in my hat and boots, put on exterior layer of clothes, spray racoon pee on bottom of my boots and sides, sneak into the woods (always trying to be sitting in my stand at least 1 hour before day break), I set down 1 gallon of corn or cattle mix(corn, soy, oat, malaysis), and add 20 oz of apple deer jam to nearby log (if i change positions i do not do this step but do this only during the season and only on moringin i am hunting, never 2 days in a row), climb tree (30-35 ft) to side that gives me wind in my face (combined with favorable angles), pull up weapon, load weapon, take hat off and sit with jacket open for 20 mins to cool down and become one with the woods, put face mask/netting and hat back on zip up jacket, spray racoon pee one shot on each boot & hat and tree above my head... and always try to keep still and quiet.

    Why all this.... cause it seems to work for me.... I bought the 5.99 face net and the Scent lok suit $300.00 (pants and jacket) this year... and though i always doubted that kind of clothing cause of the abundence of deer that would come in in the past.... the bigger bucks have come in constantly and more of them and those jumpy does sporting young ones... don't do to much and don't hesitate to try things... and do lots of studing on deer behavior... being in the woods is the best education in and of itself... good luck gents and thanks for the feedback.