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  1. Went out with my neighbor last night, hunted a few spots we seen sround 15-20 deer, including 3 bucks. We set up on a field in the evening, and my neighbor said we had to leave at 6:00 pm, so at six I got up and started twords his location when I seen 3 deer in the field at 200 yds away. So I laid down in the field prone position,and waited. While laying there one snuck up behind me ,blew stomped and took off, when she did this deer came running towards me. It kept getting closer so when it got 30 yds walking toward me I shot it threw the chest straight on. It ran 50yds and fell over, never shot one laying in the middle of the field before...lol. It ended up being a button buck but worth a $15 antlerless tag!![​IMG]

    P.S Picture is me and little Ms. future hunter.
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    Nice one Mike, We gotta get her out in a few years. Uncle Josh will get the Carharts for her! I up-sized your pic for ya.

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    Very Nice. I had the same thing happen to me several years ago. I even stood up and they still kept coming. I thought the buck was going to attack me. You did better though, since you got one of them.
  4. that is an awesome experience kruggy, thank you for sharing that, i bet it seemed like an eternity in that short amount of time that that all happened, all the while testosterone running!!!!!
    you know not all great hunts end with a big monster buck, some of your greatest hunts are all about the experience of the hunt. my best day hunting last year, in my opinion, was not the day i shot the 9 pt in gun season, it was a day i sat in a stand bowhunting some public land for the first time after i scouted it, and watched 7-8 does and two bucks come within 15yards of me for a solid 1 hour, that was great! no kill, i passed on all of them cause i figured with all the activity there would be more come along, but awesome day though!
  5. Congrats! That will be some good eatin!