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2nd Annual Charity Snoopy Steelheading Contest

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rockysteel27, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. This is going to be a hoot! Hope all you tough guys can make a fool out of yourself for a day for charity. Please get involved in this. It's for a good cause!

    2nd Annual
    Snoopy Steelhead
    Fishing Contest

    1250 High Street
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077
    Phone: (440) 352-7222
    Fax: (440) 352-7901

    October 19, 2004

    Last November we hosted our 1st Snoopy Rod Contest. What is that you may ask? Well it is a fishing challenge for a worthy cause. Each year we pick a charity and donate all proceeds to this charity. Last year we raised $400.00 for charity and had a very entertaining day

    The contest will be November 14, 2004 from 9:00 to 12:00, so polish up your skills. We would like to sign everyone up early so we know how many rods to have available in advance so sign up as soon as you can. The cost will be $20.00 of which half will go the charity and the other half will pay for your fishing instrument. Yes, you can keep your fishing rod and take it home with you. After fishing with these combos you will have a whole new concept of fishing and you will know why the kids do not like to fish for long periods of time.

    There will be no large cash reward for winning the Snoopy Contest. All you will receive is a placard and the peace of mind that you out fished some of the best and the satisfaction that you contributed to a needy cause. We will also burn some hotdogs and provide beverages.

    Again you ask, what is a Snoopy Rod Contest? Each person entered will be given a Snoopy style rod to fish for Steelhead. The fishing area will be limited to a designated stretch of the river. Your mission will be to land the biggest steelhead with this unaltered rod. You may of course use your own leader/float set up or what ever else you wish to hang onto the end of this 26 to 48 inch piece of fine tuned fishing equipment which normally consists of a Zebco 202 reel with 6 to 10 pound mono line.

    Oh yeah, Snoopy has quit the fishing business so we have some very qualified replacements. You can fish with a Scooby Do, Incredible Hulk, Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil, Barbie Rod or what ever cartoon personality is popular at the time, but we guarantee that they will be as good as or worse than the original Snoopy Rod.

    Comments were "How do you land a fish with this thing?". Fish were landed and lost but everyone had a great time fishing and watching. Did get a few strange looks from other fishermen as we waded the river with a brand new shiny rod and reel combo, they were probably jealous.

    The winning fish was a 26" whopper caught by Jim Anderson from Fairport Harbor, not much for normal steelhead tackle but put him on a 2 1/2' rod and see what happens. It is just pure fun! So if you are getting tired of the drudgery of catching and landing trophy Steelhead day in and day out, try catching one on a Snoopy Rod.

    If you are interested there is a sign up sheet at the Tackle Shop. If you can't get here to sign up just call us at (440) 352-7222.
  2. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    sounds like a riot :D

  3. truly a challenge... you have to see what dozens of guys with snoopy rods trying to land a chromer looks like... it's very much a kodak moment to be seen... i am going to try and make it... we'll see if time allows...
  4. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Is this something that I would have to have waders for? Or could I participate without?
    This event is right up my alley......GOOFY! :D
  5. no you do not need waders, just a HUGE sense of humor and heart for the kids! actually you have to fish where they tell you with your snoopy rod. the whole thing is just to be stupid, have fun, and raise money for charity. the best part is you get to keep the rod and i think that the rods this years are something else, not snoopy, because it was discontinued. anyone who takes part in this THE die hard steelheader. i know that people may ask, "how do you land a steelie on one of those things?" dude, you gotta show up to find out... it's such a riot and a good time! get in for the kiddies! hope people can make it, November 14, 2004 from 9:00 to 12:00. later

  6. I Have A Few Of Those Rods Myself. I Cant Trust My 3 Yr Old With My Ugly Stick! Sound Like A Blast. My 4 Boys Would Love It!
    What Away To Teach Kids About The Outdoors And Help The Needy! :d Great Work! Jig
  7. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

    I dont now if you need waders but the outfit you have on in your avatar would be nice :D
  8. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I think I would be a bit cold in that :eek: I was thinking about showing up in my snowsuit! After all, I am probably the biggest freeze baby that you will ever meet!
  9. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    It's official... Rob and I are signed up to fish. This really ought to be interesting being that neither one of us has ever fished for Steelhead... lol
    Negardless, it should be lots of fun with some very memorable moments.
    I say the more the merrier! So SIGN UP!!!!!! Besides, the proceeds are for a charitable cause :)
  10. Can't Wait To Hear About It. Wanted To Go But Could Not Make It .
  11. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Somebody has GOT to take a camera to this thing and post some pics!!!!! :D
  12. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I have a few in my gallery. Unfortunately we were pretty spread out on the river so I couldn't get a "group shot" of everyone with their snoopy poles, scooby poles, barbie poles etc. I was also sad that some people that participated did not stay afterwards for some "schmoozing" and Hotdogs. As far as I know, there was no one else from OGF that participated. :-(
    I'm hoping that next year there will be some more OGFers. That would definitely liven things up :)
  13. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    Seems to me that it being such a worthy cause, the mods should have made the thread a sticky and more peple would have known abaout it and possibly showed up.
  14. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    I'm sure that there will be a better turn out next year. :)
    Like they say..."The more the merrier".. and I can tell you that this is a pretty lively group of people.
  15. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    I think it sounds like a blast!!!
  16. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Elamenohpee. we can't sticky everything on the site. The weather had a lot to do with the low turnout. Also remember there are a lot of thing going on this time of the year. If we sticky every outing and event that is posted on our site there would be nothing but stickys. There was enough hits on that thread to keep it up to the top. getting the word out early would help increase the turnout. We had nothing to do with this outing It was a member that ran it and posted about it.
  17. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Here is a suggestion to help make finding "outings and events" a little easier. What if a new thread titled "Outings and Events" was created, and then all information regarding these activities could be posted there?
    Just a thought :)
  18. marcia,

    catking did do the favor by making the event sticky. it was only up there for a few days though as a sticky thread, but we should give him props for trying. as far as the outing goes, everyone in this house got sick and i had to take my daughter the er later because we were so worried about her. that is why i did not make it, but the main thing is money was raised for the kids who need it and i'm sure you had phone. that outing is always a blast. thanks to g.r.t. for putting it on.

  19. Reel Lady

    Reel Lady Dreams DO come true!

    Gosh Matt.. Sorry to hear about everyone being sick over there. Is your daughter okay now? I hope so.
    Take Care,
  20. Ruminator

    Ruminator TeamOGF

    Elamenohpee(how do you pronounce this?) ;) , in addition to what Dale said concerning sticking threads; any member can bring a thread back to the top by just posting on it. You will sometimes see a thread back at the top with someone just posting a single word to get it there. The word- "Bump", is usually the word used. Feel free to do so for special threads guys, without running it into the ground of course. ;)

    - Jim