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  1. I just confirmed permission to hunt a private farm in Wisconsin, which means i get to buy a new gun. I have been a shotgun hunter all my life and have limited experience with rifles other than varmint and plinking rounds. I am leaning towards the .270 WSM, any comments or advice is appreciated.
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    .270 is a very good deer cartridge. a short mag .270 will do the job just fine. i picked up a stainless ruger mk77 in .300 win mag several years ago in anticipation of that elk hunt to colorado im going to take someday. good luck up north.

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    An opportunity (need) to purchase a new firearm is priceless. I'm a big fan of the Winchester Short rounds and the 270 is awesome. One thing you have to think about when hunting the timber heavy east, and Wisconsin is the east, is median shot distance. I personally consider the 270 to be a long shot round, more suited for medium game in the western states. The 270 has great speed and is capable of range that will put you on the neighbors property in most eastern hunting zones. IMO if I was purchasing a rifle for a single opportunity in the east I would look at the heavier hitting Remmington 30-06, the 300 Savage, or the 308 Winchester Savage, with the latter two being my personal favorites. I'm a big classic gun fan and I believe the Savage model 99 in either 300 or 308 is the greatest for 250yd and in medium game. Awesome rifle, great rotary spool lever action, plenty of speed, lots of whoop, and you can get a very nice piece for about $400.
    But the bottom line is you have to get what you want. If the 270 WSM is what you want than it is the perfect gun for your hunt.:)
    Happy shopping!