25th Alum Open

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  1. We are hosting our 25th tournament this year. I do not think that there is another open tournament that can say that. We will be paying out our usual 10 places plus this year places 11-25 will recieve $50. We will also have dogs and drinks after. Boat Boys have given us extra bucks to give out plus will be bringing their weigh-in trailer. Please visit our web-site alumcreekbassmasters.com for a application.
  2. my good buddy Gator should be sending our enry asap. I've been nagging him bigtime cause it's his turn to pay. I can't wait to eat hot dogs! That's great news! I don't remember seeing hot dogs in any of the past AlumCreekBassmasters opens. This Is he biggest best tourney on Alum of the season. I say. can't wait to donate!

  3. Donate?LOL Rainer you cashed a check last year didn't you? If I didn't belong to Alum Creek Bassmasters I know I'd fish the tournament....lot's of door prizes....free food in the AM (donuts and coffee) and PM (hotdogs and soda). I'd least put a good dent in my donated money! hahaha
  4. Just bringing this back to the top. There is still time to get in. We will be paying out 25 places. Right now half of the field will get money.
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    Fised it last year and i must say you guys do a nice job we had a good time. What is the date for the open i know i got a flyer in the mail but cant find it.
  6. May 7th. See ya there.
  7. Phil Carver

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    I sure wish it was on a different weekend . :( Good luck every one .