.25 cents a gallon for gas? It's real.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chuck P., Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Chuck P.

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    Found this on the net tonight. Unreal.

    "Millions of Americans are looking forward to their summer vacation; most of us have happy memories of the entire family (teenagers groaning) piling into the car, and heading down the highway for a week or two of cruising towards the coast, hitting the waves, and sightseeing. With gas prices already over $3.00 a gallon, and some predicting that it will reach $4.00 a gallon this summer, that dream may come to a screeching halt for some.

    There is still at least one place I've found that gasoline for your vehicle can be purchased for no more than 25 cents a gallon! Where in the world could that be - some hidden little town way up in the mountains that no one has traveled to in the last ten years? Actually, it's in Venezuela - which sits on the largest crude oil reserves outside of the Middle East and possibly in the entire world. Venezuela has the cheapest gasoline prices in the world, and is currently the fourth largest oil exporter in the world.

    Venezuelans see cheap gasoline as their birthright. Filling up an SUV's tank with high-octane gasoline will cost approximately $3 -- less than the price of two bottles of fresh spring water."

  2. athensfishin'

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    Yeah, but this article leaves out the part where clean water and food costs far more than it does here. Personally I can walk and would rather have access to cheap and clean food and water.
  3. triton175

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    Not only do food and water cost more, food is in very short supply. That's what happens when you live under a socialist dictator.
    You can buy his gas ($3.00/ gal, not 0.25) at any Citgo gas station.
  4. If living under a dictator means cheap gas, why is ours $3.00 a gallon?
  5. Lmao @ That One!!!!!!!
  6. Pike


    I actually had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela, the poverty is increadilbe. Every house builds their own fences with cinder blocks, breaks glass bottles and glues them on top. People attach whres to the electric transformers and run them to their own houses, so one wire may have 100 sucker wires hanging from it. Sad place to visit.

  7. misfit

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    ok all.....let's not go down that road.you all know what happens when you bring politics into these threads;)
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    Screw Venezuela!!! I just bought 30 gallons of gas at GetGo for $0.00! Buy gift cards for Christmas and get 20 cents off for every $50.00 you spend at Giant Eagle. Yes, I know that I really didn't get the gas for nothing but hey, every little bit helps these days.
  9. shwookie

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    I was going to add that I bought 29.856 gallons of gas last week and spent $.58 to fill up my car and truck.
    I buy anything I can at giant eagle, like instead of going to petsmart and buying dogfood, to just getting it at GE. Their prices are more than competitive and I was going to buy it anyways, why not buy it somewhere were it gives something back?

    Several times I have paid 0.00 for gas, I had to fork over 3 cents per G this last time. :mad:
  10. I don't think Giant Eagle's prices are competitive at all. We've got past the gas credit and are shopping at Marc's. There was a 4 dollar difference on a can of coffee just as one example. check out olives, pasta sauce, vegatables, tuna fish. There's no free lunch at Giant Eagle.