24 or 12 Volt onboard charger

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    New charger installed for 6 months and never used. Paid around 140.00 Dollars. Will sell for 60.00 Plus Shipping(Real price no handling)

    Guest 12/24V 10A 2 Bank Charger #2611A

    One of our biggest selling chargers, waterproof and worry free charging. Will not overcharge you batteries!
    Guest 10 amp 3-stage fully automatic electronic dual output charger is designed to recharge 2 batteries, either 24 volt series or 2 separate 12 volt batteries. Each battery receives a dedicated maximum 5 amps of charge current. Output leads may be paired to one 12 volt battery for a total of 10 amps of charge current.

    Recommended uses: Bulk charge of Flooded, AGM, and true Gel batteries under 60 amp hours and Charge/ Maintenance of batteries partially discharged up to 100 amp hours. Some popular are applications Marine, RV, Generators, Industrial etc.
    3 Stage electronic design
    LED Charge Status

    Completely Automatic “plug it in and forget it”

    Charge and Long Term Battery Maintenance “will never overcharge batteries”
    Ignition Protection
    Vibration Proof

    Lightweight under 7 pounds
    Input Cord 6 feet

    Dual fused output 4 foot each
    Waterproof & Easy Install
    Optimal 3 Step Charging
    2 Fully Isolated Outputs
    Built-in Mode Indicators
    Spark Free Hook Up
    Reverse Polarity Protection
    Over Voltage Protected
    Overload Protection
    2 Year Warranty
    Will not work on single 24 volt battery such as aircraft design batteries. Suitable for True Gel Batteries Part: GU2611A

    Price: $129.00

    Dimensions: 7.75" L x 5.5" W x 2.5" H
    Actual Weight (lb.): 6.4
    Shipping Weight (lb.): 7
    Enclosure: Thermal Plastic
    Output Banks: 2
    Output Voltage Charging: 14.3 V
    Max Current, During Bulk Charge: 10 A
    AC Input Volts: 115 V
    AC Input Volts Freq.: 50/60 Hz
    AC Input Amps: 2.5 A
    Float Voltage: 13.3 V
    Manufacturer: Guest
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    Sold Today! Thank You DWMIKEMX! Nice meeting you.
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