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2018 Goals ?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by garhtr, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Set any fishing goals for 2018 ? Any thing you would like too accomplish in the upcoming season, 20 inch S/M, personal best of a certain species or maybe just fish someplace you never seem to get too ?
    I somehow got away from sight fishing for buffalo this past season and I plan(hope) to make time for some buffalo trips mid summer. I'm also going to make an effort to get on the river a little more often at night which is something I really enjoy and didn't do enough of last year.
    What about your 2018 ?
    Good luck and Good fishing ?
  2. I would like to get my 3 year old out as much as possible as well as a couple of guys that want to get back into fishing so they can teach their kids. I love to share my addiction. Personally, i would like to try some local river fishing as i am mainly a lake guy.

  3. Catch a musky in an Ohio River tributary....That is it.
  4. Catch a 45"-50+" Musky. Largest is 41" on CC.

    Place in a PMTT tournament.

    End the year knowing more about that species than when I started the year.
  5. I hope to get in the kayak a little more this year. Using it both on some of the smaller lakes and streams. Size of fish isn't all that important to me...I just like setting the hook.
  6. Saugeye Tom


    Put my grandson, best friend buckeye coastie , Fastwater and my soninlaw on a 20 Clair smallie....
  7. I'm going to learn the ways of the striped fish. Which I am completely green when it comes to these guys. I went with some friends kayaking on the biggest party day of the year (labor day) I was more concerned with fishing then boozing and had no idea what I was about to be a part of. There was more people partying then ive ever seen looked like spring break. I was pretty irritated when I showed up and saw the idiots trashing the place and all over every island. But none the less I wanted to fish. Water was higher then usual and pretty muddy, and I was unfamiliar with that region and its fishing. So as we set out on this crowded muddy booze fest I began casting a chartuese grub on1/4 oz jig head in the first good seam I found. Literally not 2 minutes would pass where there were not groups floating down falling out drunk making noise etc... I was in disbelief as I started to catch smallies and good ones with all this going on 20 yds away in the channel. Then it happened ! a drag squeeling giant grabbed my grub and took off down river. Faught her for about 5 minutes and saw the flash of some huge stripes and have been mistified ever since she bent the jig and unhooked from me.... But wow!! Hopefully I can track a few more down in 2018 and land her. I have caught them in thw Ohio river on cat tackle but never on bass gear. My 2018 goal is set :) tight lines friends..
  8. chris1162

    chris1162 team flatty

    Kids really enjoyed playing in creeks last year so we will probably explore some more creeks together.
    I will continue to chase cats from the kayak on the ohio river this year. Our yearly man trip is headed back to the boundary waters for another week in paradise.
  9. ufaquaoiler

    ufaquaoiler Swims Like the Fishes

    wont be able to fish ohio much this year but my main goals are to catch a tarpon from my kayak and a 10+ foot shark from the beach of any species.
  10. I have several goals for the upcoming fishing season:
    1) Catch more fish this year than I did last year (New Year's resolution)
    2) Fish with my wife as much as she will get out with me
    3) Enjoy the time I have on the water more. Getting to the point where catching fish is secondary to enjoying the day on the water.
  11. Enjoy the water the trip the paddle not worry so much about the results.
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  12. RiparianRanger

    RiparianRanger Bronze > Gold

    20” smallmouth out of flowing water. Is and has been my New Years resolution for many a moon now.
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  13. 15" crappie out of a 6" hole in Ohio........But, would be happy with anything over 13" on the ice.
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  14. Caught my personal best on Cave Run many years ago. Less than a year later, I duplicated that catch in northern WI & began to think I knew something about musky fishing. Then cold, hard reality set in....

    Since then, my goal has always been "more time on the water." In '17, I fulfilled a bucket list item or sorts & spent the entire month of September up North. Musky fished a little almost every day & actually managed to catch a couple. ;)
  15. BrodyC


    My goals are to catch my first muskie, get out on the ice for the first time, fly fish more this year, and pull some big Smallies from the Scioto and surrounding creeks.
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  16. crappie4me

    crappie4me panfish junkie

    catch my first 20 incher....crappie...yeah i know:rolleyes:
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  17. 3 dog Ed

    3 dog Ed Where’s the bass?

    A few goals:
    Go on at least one float trip per month Apr-Sept.
    Try for hybrids at Ohio river, Kiser lake etc.
    Fish/learn the GMR for SMB, saugeye and pike.
    Fish and explore like I used to do!
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  18. Spend more time on the water than ever. And fish some new to me lakes. I'm retiring in mid-February so I have no excuses. If my wife doesn't work me to death first.
  19. Have my wife catch a +4# SMB
    Fish a few more tournaments this year and hope a few are with my wife.
    More time on the GMR with my jetdrive.
    Catch fish on lures I made!
    Last but not least ENJOY the time outdoors!
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  20. 3. First saugeye limit. 2. More time on the water. 1. Get my 4 year old out with me more, he’s starting to catch the bug and already loves being on the water.
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