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  1. From what I"ve heard the Mayan calendar stops at 2012, the history channel is going to show the seven signs of armageddon, does this mean that we only have 4 years left to fish Mother Erie? lol
  2. Forgot to add,not much time left for the Browns to win a Super Bowl, LOL

  3. Ruminator

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    LOL, back in high school 2012 seemed like such a long time in the future.
    What did the "divination spirits" know back then do you suppose?
    What does Nostradomus say about it? :p
  4. The way I was taught math that would be only 3 years. (4 years if 2012 is available in it's entirety) Not nearly enough time for fishing or the Browns.
    I am selling any Browns crap I have and using the money for gas for the boat.
    Bids start at $.99
  5. Forward to the future: Feb 2, 2012, Tempe, Ariz, Super Bowl Sun, Browns 31, Cowboys, (you can pick the opponent of youre choice) 10. 5 seconds to go in the game and BAM, ITS THE BIG ONE. Makes THE DRIVE and THE FUMBLE look like small potatoes. No ice fishing to speak of so as you guys can see, I"m very bored. LOL. HAPPY NEW YEAR to my fellow OGFers
  6. Hey Max, I thought about that before I posted, I was trying to be optomistic and squeeze one more fishing season. LOL

  7. Don't get your opes up...lol

    A guy at work keeps talking about that too. I heard either 2012 according to the Myans or 2028 according to Nostradamus.
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    People have been predicting end of the world since beginning of time. So far all have been wrong. I still have learning to fly fish on my bucket list.

    Here's to hoping these prediction are wrong:)
  9. I am selling any Browns crap I have and using the money for gas for the boat.
    Bids start at $.99[/QUOTE]

  10. Yep, 2012..... so do all your partying/fishing now !!! The sky is falling !!! Who knows they might be onto something but people have made almost a religion out of predicting the end since the beginning of time so while it could be true , I tend to think its just another crackpot theory. I did see a television program about it though and seems to me I remember them saying that because there are some differences between our calendar and those of the ancients , their 2012 is actually a year or two sooner than ours wich would put the world that much closer to ending. Even if it were true theres nothing that can be done about it, just wait it out and see.
  11. I hope this does not offend anyone but if I know a week or so before the end I am disregarding any and all limits.
  12. Where are those crazy Mayans now ??!! I'm not sure they were predicting the end of time, I think they just got interupted by the Spanish conquistidors and ran out of time to finish it ....... I hope at least !!!
    As for the Browns, I think there's a better chance that we prove the existence of Bigfoot & aliens amongst us befor they win the super bowl. The first step of getting rid of Crennel is good, but the GM's got to go, too.
    Happy New Year all, hope it's not our last !!
  13. They said a lot for crazy things were goin to happen in 2000 with y2k. but I didn't hear anything happen. The only thing to be concered about is a large metor coming to hit earth but the world is spending billions on how to stop just a metor. The only way the world ends is if we blow it up. God willing that won't happen.
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    Do you remember Y2K. Yep people thought the electronic entrance/exit doors wouldn't work....Oh No another digit, let's run out and stock up on generators, batteries, canned goods and bottled water.

    No hype here for the end of time...keep it reel...

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    the Mayan calender just resets in 2012. I think about once a year our calender resets, somewhere around.....TODAY. and we're still here!!!

    however, I certainly think something will happen in 2012! ;)
  16. Yeah,that meteor is supposed to hit the earth in Aug.2027, so I wouldn't worry about the earth ending in 2012:)
  17. 2012...My house will be paid for,My boat will be paid for,My last kid at home will be gone.
    Time to move...
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    If the Mayans couldn't predict the demise of their own civilization, what makes you think they will be correct on this one?:p

    The Heaven's Gate nutcases were wrong too!
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    The 'classic' Maya civilization ended hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived. This is where the Mayan calendar came from, not the later Mayans who were conquered by the Spanish.

    The Mayans work in math and astronomy is simply astounding for an independent civilization during that time period.

    predictions aside, they were a very interesting people !
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    The question that comes to mind is: If it is "the end" are you ready?

    On a much lighter note: Spring is on its way;)