2009 OGF Open Crappie Tournament - Registration is CLOSED! FIELD IS FULL

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  1. ShakeDown

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    Ohio Game Fishing and Microspoons present the 5th annual OGF Open Crappie Tournament. We're back at Delaware Lake on Saturday, May 9th 2009 for another go at those slabs. Registration is limited to the first 50 teams, so register your team today as it will fill up quickly!​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We're also pleased that Land Big Fish and Microspoons are back as tournament sponsors again this year! Land Big Fish has donated (2) $75 gift cards to be awarded to the 1st place team, as well at (10) $15 gift cards for a random drawing of all tournament anglers. Microspoons will be providing sample packs of spoons for each team.​

    ** There will be no refunds issued past 5/1/09 in the event you withdraw from the tournament **​

    2009 Roster
    1. Misfit & Net - Big Fish
    2. Kyle Dixon & Anthony Collura - Big Fish
    3. Shakedown & Partner - Big Fish
    4. Big Daddy & Nick - Big Fish
    5. Rex Stephens & Mark Contini - Big Fish
    6. Jeff Reiger & Brad - Big Fish
    7. Timothy Markel & George Markel - Big Fish
    8. Chopiq & Partner - Big Fish
    9. James Zolciak & Michael Zolciak Jr. - Big Fish
    10. Walt Pantea & partner - Big Fish
    11. Triton175 & Mrs Triton175 - Big Fish
    12. Terry Makowski & Michael Dillon - Big Fish
    13. Nick Cenci & Michael Koesters - Big Fish
    14. Sowbelly & Fishslim - Big Fish
    15. DaleM and PatM - Big Fish
    16. Richard & Kathleen Kuhn - Big Fish
    17. Lundy & BigJoshy - Big fish
    18. Chaunc & TO - Big Fish
    19. Brian Panke & Kenny Hughes - Big Fish
    20. Jack Mather & Mark Shutler - Big Fish
    21. Swollengoat & Littleking - NO BIG FISH
    22. Dennis Stone & Katie Stone Cropp - Big Fish
    23. Mark Boyer & Mike Boyer - Big Fish
    24. Buckeye Ron & CoachG - Big Fish
    25. Bob Elko & Dan Elko - Big Fish
    26. Clemm & Dodgeboy75 - Big Fish
    27. Dallaspaco & Mike Shriner - Big Fish
    28. Mike Sasala & Emily Joseph - Big Fish
    29. Kenny Combs & Chris Frost - Big Fish
    30. Mike Mitchell & Kang Ngim - NO BIG FISH
    31. James Linville & Dwight Williams - NO BIG FISH
    32. Biteme & Bitestalker - Big Fish
    33. John Burley & Tina Burley - Big Fish
    34. Darcie Briggs & Dan Schoolcraft - Big Fish
    35. Devan Cropp & Partner - Big Fish
    36. Joe Snyder & James Snyder - NO BIG FISH
    37. Crittergitter & John Blue - Big Fish
    38. Brad Driscoll & Cory Wolfe - Big Fish
    39. John & Angie Dostal (The Muskeys!) - Big Fish
    40. BigFishDreamer & Bill - Big Fish
    41. Ben Winter & Jason Hanson - Big Fish
    42. OSUFisherman & Wright7414 - Big Fish
    43. Lynden Rakosky & Michael Spade - Big Fish
    44. Gfunk & I-Dog - Big Fish
    45. Steve Shoaf & Dan Pyles - Big Fish
    46. Eugene & Gary Dudgeon - Big Fish
    47. Rick Karosa & John Snyder - NO BIG FISH
    48. Nicholas Burnsworth & Mike Heston - Big Fish
    49. Jeff Tennant & Brian Nash - NO BIG FISH
    50. Dave Shively & Chuck Dedo - Big Fish
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  2. RiverWader

    RiverWader Cottontail Mafia

    Me and KatKing34 are in !

  3. My team is in and so is wave warriors.
  4. My Team is in bring on the rain or snow or what ever it will do this year LoL:p
  5. I'm in this year. If anyone would like to share any GPS I'm all ears.
  6. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Teams 1-9 confirmed!
  7. No fair. I sent my payment in then I sent Wave's and he's in front of us. Just kidding we'll be ahead at the end and that's what counts.:p I like lucky 7.
  8. Worked my butt off to earn that pole position! :rolleyes:

    All I need now is some gps#s from guys like chopiq, chaunc, sowbelly & fishslim and we'll be good to go :).
  9. triton175

    triton175 STX 206 Viper

    The Mrs. and I are in. Hoping to avenge last year's poor showing (I blame the weather on that).
  10. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Woops...I goofed, and as a result adjusted the roster accordingly. I was looking at the paypal entries in the wrong order (ascending, not descending) so the boat numbers have been adjusted slightly. Sorry guys, I'm a little rusty this morning :D
  11. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    now you know how i feel every morning:p:confused:
  12. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Let's not confuse rusty with outright decayed :D
  13. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    that wasn't nice:p:p
  14. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    yeah i know :( I was always brought up to respect my elders actually...but there was a clause in that, stating "all bets are off when they try to kill you with smoking on O2" :D :D
  15. Capital outdoorsman

    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    In again. Hoping to have a boat this year but the canoe will do if necessary. It just doesn't work too well when its pouring rain and there is 30 mph gusting winds.
  16. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Okay Net..... i'll share gps numbers with you. But i dont have any for Delaware.:( How about moving this tourney to my home lake.:p Hey Carl, i sent my money in this morning. I'm gonna bring a better rainsuit this year. Might just bring my ice armor suit too. Looking forward to having a good time again this year.
  17. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    chaunce,tee shirts and shorts will be the attire for the day this year:)
    based on weather patterns for the previous 4 toureys,we're due for good weather;)
    i doubt we''ll see another one like the first though,unless it's held in january:eek:
  18. I'd bring the Ice Armor! LOL
  19. SwollenGoat

    SwollenGoat Scourge of Hoover

    Team Sumo ready for action!
    (Swollengoat & Littleking)