2009 N.O.A.A. schedule release

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by Nipididdee, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I am in on the River tourny on the Pike pool,how soon can I send you the $$$$$$$$$$$?

  2. Nice...I see you werent joking about not going to portage in '09, lol. Neat to see West Branch thrown in the mix.
  3. Registration for all NOAA events will open in the next couple of weeks once I complete the flyers and post the rules online- look for it sometime after Turkey Day online and the mailer sometime around Christmas.

    No more Portage. !@ :p

    The Ohio River event is one of the few venues besides Lake Erie that can hold large participation.

    We tried Erie in 08'...the "ringers" ( I hate that word) scared the field light.

    We have the river event deemed as a "super" NOAA with unlimited participation. Again- the anglers make the payout, at 100% we don't know how to make it anymore attractive, now it's up to the anglers.

    As with every other NOAA element- it's the same, including the 100% payout which could easily exceed $10,000 with expected participation- $20k if the "rats" really get motivated, more if I get surprised!

    With Stratos 2X renewal for 2009 this event could be VERY interesting!!! Matching up to $10k in doubling the payout.

    The $25,000 FREE WWC championship will again be offered in 2009 with some possible tweaks, pending approval.

    Glad to hear the positive vibe- WBranch will pull more than the 26 boats Portage did this fall, and better field fishin'