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  2. Kevin let me know when your ready to donate that 38 HD, of yours to a good cause!
  3. Any info on when those new units will be out? One of those would look good on a new Ranger.
  4. steve, from the few sites i've been too..looks like a february release maybe?
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    I have the 38 HD, and a donation is out of the question I'll have to sell mine to get one of these new ones. I will get my hands on one of these units for sure, not sure when but I will get one.

    The weblink that I posted has all the prices as well you just need to add it to the cart to see the price.

    Het, some units you can pre order now...by the time you get your new rig these will be available. if you add one to the cart you will see when they are available some sooner than others for some reason.
  6. Any idea what the difference between the 'Insight' models and the 'Basemap' models are?

    I'm sure it says it in there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to read all the info right now.
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    I maybe interested in taking that "old" technology off his hands as well ....

    Nevermind this new stuff is too sweet!
  8. I was just looking at these last night. Saw the advert for www.hdsrevolution.com in Bassmaster mag, and started digging for info after the site showed a countdown still.

    I will say I'm glad I didn't spring for that new 37 on sale last week. Thought about just waiting to see what the new models will offer, and it turns out this is one of the few times I think I made the right call when purchasing any new electronics.

    GPS/Mapping looks greatly improved as well as the built in HD Sonar.
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  11. Apparently the difference is the "Insight" models come with the high detail mapping. not the standard 2D yellow land, blue water scheme.

    I'm excited. Definitely glad I didn't buy a new 38 on closeout this fall. Was tempted to pick one up and stick it in the Mako I'm overhauling. Now I'll just be spending that money on a new unit. And the price isn't so bad when you consider the additional cost of a broadband unit, $500 I believe, to add onto an existing LCX unit. I'll be interested to see what all the gadgets and accessories retail for. Pretty impressive though. I was sort of expecting Lowrance to implement the side-scan sonor tech that humminbird brought to the market last year. But I hear mixed reviews on that stuff anyway.
  12. From what I hear, or heard, Humminbird patented the sidescan technology (or whatever you want to call it), and up until a certain year, (I forget when), no one can put out units with sidescan capabilities.

    I had a chance to take a ride in a boat during the Walleye Central get together that had a Humminbird unit in it. I'm not easily impressed, but I must say, I was pretty blown away at how well the side scan units work. I can see where it would be a 'must have' item for bass fishermen, but I can't really see how I would incorporate it into 'open water' trolling, which is what I do the majority of the time.
  13. I didn't realize they had some sort of legal claim to it. I know people have been using side scan sonor for years for other applications on the water. Looking for wrecks, rescue, etc.

    I agree, it doesn't seem all that critical for most of what we do here, but would be pretty neat for bass fishing.

    I have read and had been told that if you're moving too slow, you don't get good image definition, and if you're moving too fast it's worthless.
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    Was just talking to another fisherman about that recently, we were both wondering why Lowrance hadn't come out with it's own version.....that explains it.