2009 Ky fishing license required starting 3-1-09

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  1. Well the 2009 FISHING SEASON officially starts MARCH 1st.. That is whena 2009 Kentucky fishing license is required. For folks 65 or older there is a discount price of $5 for a license. SO if the weather ever breaks and you head out to wet a line be SURE to have the <font color=yellow><b>NEW license!</b></font> Just want the temperatures to get up there so I
    won't be catching a cold over the fish. Tight lines a to all.
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    wait a minute...i thought there was an agreement between oh and ky that you could have either or fishing license to legally fish the river. i would love to drive down a few times and hit the river for wipers but i might go elsewhere if i have to buy a ky out of state license.

  3. You're right BML.Both license can still be used. I think he meant that it's time for a new Ky. resident license.