2009 Ice Fishing Report and gear review

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  1. Well, with limited time out off of work, I've managed to get out 3 times:

    2 Fridays ago (-10 degrees) fished Willard for the first time. Caught lots of dink perch and a few good ones. They were negative and we had them on the camera all day. Absolutely frigid!

    Last Friday hit Mosquito, fished 1st point north of CSG caught dinks. Moved south end caught tons more dinks...mixed bag mostly perch, few gills, and finger sized eyes Should have gone to the buoy line but didn't want to drag all that way when we saw the snow at the causeway. Conditions up there were miserable with 6" slush at noon...good down south all snow was gone

    Yesterday after work hit local MP pond...few lookers no takers

    Gear Review:

    Frabill Trekker 2 man DLX....AWESOME $399 it weighs about 85 lbs but that is all in the seats. The fabric is thicker and it has 4 windows that velcro in/out which is good for tossing fish out onto ice. Pulls really good, about 100000x better than my clam and it seems much roomier than the Guide. The seats are very comfortable and they slide and swivel. They do weigh @19lbs each and come right out if I was going alone. Pull rope that comes with it is worthless. Used 12ga speaker wire, works great. Heated up good with Little Buddy heater.

    Artic Armor Suit (supposedly floats) $339 Suit is almost too warm...Example, yesterday it was about 20 degrees and when I got home from work, I took my clothes off and put the suit on with just my boxers and a t shirt and went fishing for @3hrs. Worked up a sweat on the walk in to the pond! Last Friday I kneeled in water and it didn't get come through and the gaitors on the legs and all fasteners lock that thing down tight!

    New Boots from Cabelas...1200 gram Cabelas brand Pac Boots are great. I have bad circulation and they kept my feet warm all day, in and out of shanty on that -10 day Quality and comfort is good and I got them for $66!

    Floodlight for Aqua Vu...worthless waste of $20

    Cordless drill adaptor for auger...50/50 seemed functional but didn't drill a single hole for me on a brand new fresh battery for an 18v Cordless.
    ***NOTE*** I had an 8in Lazer (sold it) and it was -10 that day Might work well on normal day with smaller auger. Paid $15 if anyone wants it they can have it and if it works, mail me $10!

    Nils Master 6in auger $108 shipped..Like nothing else I've used...AWESOME Cuts as fast as a power auger on the ice we get down here. Handle also folds which is nice...doesn't fit the Cordless adapter though

    Screen Magnifier and tripod for Aqua Vu $30 for both....I can't believe I didn't get these when I got the camera....idispensible for old style Aqua Vu users Tripod is easy to use and holds camera in position (just have a plan to extract it from the hole on really cold days!) Screen magnifier is awesome...we watched "Perch TV" for about 5 hrs Only thing I would recommend and I might try to mod it my self is to try and make it collapsible for storage and transport

    Cabelas rod bag $15....AWESOME Has padded center compartment that I put 5 rods and my scooper in. Has two full length side compartments that hold ALL my ice tackle, bait, 3 propane cannisters, ice cleats, extra gloves, etc...has carry handle and backpack type straps for carrying. Bag is made by Croxton Pond. If I had $15 to spend on something it would be hard to imagine finding something better for the $$. Buy one if they still have them!

    Hopefully this info helps anyone in the market for any of these items
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    Excellent review. Well done!

  3. Great report.. thanks for the insight, review and the time you took in posting your results.
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    Thanks for posting this. I'm looking for a rod bag now.
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  6. I like the padded bags from Gander..you can easily fit 4 ice fishing rods and 2-4 tipups depending what you use in it and it's pretty slim. Thanks to leadcorebean for the tip there.

    I will add to the review thread - got 2 rod combos this year. One Frabill Brian B edition medium 28" and one st croix premier. Frabill setup is nice - no complaints, however the st croix was really junk IMO. The little 'sleeves' that hold the reel on the rod keep coming loose and the reel spins/falls off (I should not have to tape it), not to mention after 4 or 5 uses this season the st croix reel broke and is useless now. I will also comment that while both of these rods are called medium and are walleye-specific, they are talking about inland lake walleyes, not erie size.. Yes you can pull them up but it's bent like a noodle...the thicker HT rods are much better for erie IMO.