2009 Hoosier Walleye Series Points events

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  1. The following is our 2009 Points events scheduled to start in April.
    1) 4/25- Summit Res.
    2) 5/2 - Brookville Res.
    3) 5/16 - Winona Lake
    4) 6/13 - Monroe Res.
    5) 6/14 - Monroe Res.
    6) 7/11 - Brookville Res.

    You must fish 4 of the 6 to qualify for the championship. All 6 will count towards the points race for angler(s) of the year. Entry fees for these tourneys will be 50.00/boat. Big fish pots will be 15.00/boat. Our permits will be for 25 boat maximum fields. We have decided to let non members fish these events only after paying a 10.00/angler (20.00/boat if both are not members). This might allow for a few more anglers that only want to fish 1 or 2 events. We will be enforcing the 5.00 late fee for signing up on tournament day. It would be nice if we could get everyone to send in their entries at least 2-3 weeks before the event. If,for some reason, you cannot make it or the tourney is cancelled,YOU WILL RECEIVE A REFUND. This just makes it a lot easier on the "paper" part of the mornings of the events. We have some other things to decide at our next board meeting,after that we will have the rules for the events & other needed info available at that time. Hope to see some new faces next year,as well as this years "regulars". Thanks, Steve Hammons
  2. how much is the membership??

  3. Will get the rest of the needed info asap after our next board meeting. Thanks for asking. Steve