2009 Hoosier Walleye Series Non Points events

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by eyecrazy, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. We are planning on having some "non point" events this upcoming 2009 season. These are going to be state(or appropriate entity) approved for a maximum field of 25 boats. The Reservoirs are already accepted & am working on the others. These will be "Open" tourneys meaning that anyone can fish these events, you do not have to be a paid member to fish any of these events. They will be a low entry fee tourney,with at least an 80% payback. The other % will go to covering expenses for the event( Permit fees,plaques,etc...). We will get more details posted a soon as possible. We will be using the demographics from these events to set the 2010 season. We would appreciate any assistance in getting the word out for these events, as well as our point events.
    The events will be:
    1)6/6 = Brookville Res.
    2)6/27 = North
    3)7/25 = North
    4)8/8 = Cataract(Lieber)
    5)8/22 = North
    6)9/12 = Brookville
    7)10/10 = Monroe Res.
    The reason for the "North" designation is that the necessary permits have not been finalized. I am working on a Maxi event,we need to get some input as to the other 2 north lakes. Or,we could have 1 of those events at Sullivan & schedule 2 of those north dates, Maxi & ? . Lets hear some input on choices/options. Thanks,Steve Hammons HWA