2009 Fishing Tackle Flea Market

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  1. ShakeDown

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    It's back, and you guessed it...bigger than ever!

  2. elyfishingmaster

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  3. I never miss this one.
    Generaly a good Flea to pic up about anything.
    Take some cash with you.
  4. steelheadBob

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  5. elyfishingmaster

    elyfishingmaster Junior member

    i missed it last year but i will be there this year
  6. Robert Woodson

    Robert Woodson Woody in Akron

    This is the one...
    Woody in Akron
    Portage Lakes/Coventry
  7. This is the one trip up to erie when foul weather doesn't bother me cause I still have things to do. I will be there unless the weather is too good to be off the Lake.
  8. Will I be able to get any OGF merchandise at this show??? Perhaps a couple of those "styling" shirts, and maybe a cap or two, even some stickers?? Will there be a OGF "rep" there?

  9. No, as far as I know. I've never seen one there before... and I've gone every year for the last 3 or 4 years.
  10. is this big enough to constitute a drive frome cincinnati,oh?
  11. I went today, they had a lot of stuff. I picked up a bunch of bottom bouncers ranging from 1 oz to 3 oz for a dollar a piece. Also picked up a flambuau tackle bag and 4 plano big boxes for a total of 13 dollars all together couldn't beat. I will definately go next year
  12. elyfishingmaster

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    we are going up there at 12
  13. how far from wilmington,Ohio is this?