2009 Cleveland Sport, Travel, and Outdoor Expo

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  1. Mar 18, 2009 – Mar 22, 2009
    Thur.-Fri. Noon-9pm, Sat. 10am-9pm, Sun. 10am-6pm

    Who is going this year? I haven't been there in a couple years, is it smaller now that the economy is slumping? I plan on heading up there Saturday afternoon sometime, hope to see some of you there! I hope to find some good deals on trolling gear and lures. Does anyone know if Reef Runner or Michigan Stinger will have a booth there? Or if any of the other dealers will be having good sales on them?

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  2. I'm going to check out Canadian fish camps, fishing tackle deals, and any available walleye lectures. Of course, I'll also stare at all the fishing boats. Hope there's not too many oxi-clean, miracle vacuum, or ginsu knife booths.

  3. Smallmouth70 , i would save my 22.00 and go to rodmaker shop and find a lot more deals their!! the old chapel hill mall had a better sportsman show !!
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    I agree with JOE.
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    same here. i quit about ten years ago. seems as though it was turning into a big flea market and a small outdoor show. just my two cents.
  6. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I thought I had heard the show had gone down hill the past few years, but wasn't sure. Tickets are $12, but you can get discounted tickets at Discount Drug Mart for $9. I don't really mind spending the $9 to get in, but only if I can get some great deals on tackle. I wish they would post some info as to who is going to be there. Here's the link for the show:

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    Don't forget about the ridiculous price they charge to park.
  8. And at the same time as the Sportsmen Show,there will be a toy show for us old retired men

    Model Trains Galore!!!

    I've died and gone to HEAVEN:cool::Banane17::Banane17:
  9. Yea I think the parking is $8...Ok if you carpool but its steep if you go solo or with 1 other person. I used to attend religiously but it seemed like its about 1/2 the size it was 10 years ago. Many Canadian Camps quit coming down when gas started going up..
  10. Anyone know how this show compares to the Milwaukee sports show? I used to go to that event every year, but I've never been to the Cleveland one
  11. best to go too your local mom/pop bait shop , pretend its your birthday and spend the $22bucks plus gas money there, you;ll get a better deal and make a friend. the cl;eve show has turned into a joke. sad it was one time the very best.
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    good advice. i quit going right after the st. croix rod company pulled out. in the youngstown area, there are a couple of smaller shows in niles and austintown that bring outdoorsmen together. cheaper and more convienent, no parking fees and cheaper food.
  13. Hey Smallmouth 70 if you are looking for reef runners, they are supposed to have some very good deals on them at the Niles show this weekend. Also, I would agree with everyone else the Cleve. show isn't worth it. The Niles show is only 5 bucks and you will find more deals on tackle/equip. than at Cleve. They are also mostly local vendors as well , so you can also establish a relationship with some of the vendors as well. One last thing, the vendors in Niles will come down on there prices as well especially if you are buying alot. Either way good luck on getting some good deals............

    Stay tuned...
  15. It's going to be a very interesting show this year. I've had some behind the scenes access...

    There's going to be something new... It's called "Hunt and Fish Camp". A log cabin with an area for seminars and demos. I've heard there are going to be turkey calling/hunting seminars, hunting dog demos, deer hunting seminars (including FIELD DRESSSING demo) campfife cooking, and lots of fishing too. Nick and I will be there talking harness tying, fishing of all types, website questions and information, Joe "Kastaway" Kulis will be there too with LOTS of stories... It's going to be really cool.

    We're partnering up with "Inside the Great Outdoors" radio and Ohio Outdoor News in supporting the outdoor show, and the "Hunt and Fish Camp" will be a great, central location for all OGFers to meet up and say HI.

    March 18 -22

    Show hours are Wed., Thurs., Fri., from NOON til 9PM

    Saturday from 10AM til 9PM

    Sunday from 10AM til 6PM

    We hope to see you there.
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    I feel the same as many that have posted here already, that the show has been declining in recent years. A few years ago I was talked into going by a relative, so I went. I purchased 2 baitcasting reels from a vendor who had what looked like a nice display of catfish gear for sale. The reels were brands I never heard of (and I know them all), so i decided to give a couple a shot. Paid $35.00 each for them. Looong story short, they were pieces of crap - clickers wouldnt work, one of them wouldn't engage when I turned the handle, drags froze up, etc. And of course, no info whatsoever could be found on the makers of the reels. If I again feel the need to pay $18.00 just to walk through the door AND get ripped off, maybe I will go, but I really doubt it. Like JoeW said below, save the $$$ and spend it at Rodmakers.
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    I'm going for one thing and one thing only!!

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  18. More detailed info on the show is in The Lounge section.

    OGF will have a presence ther Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday, at the Hunt and Fish camp.

    We're just trying to support those who support OGF, that's all.
  19. Like has been said it surely ain't what it used to be.............but what is? As usual, I'll be going as it is a family guys ritual and excuse to hang out....

    The show still has value, just so long as your expectations aren't of the past when all the major IX shows filled the whole floor (or most of it at least).