2009 bassmaster weekends

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  1. I plan on fishing the bassmaster weekends instead of BFL next season anyone looking for a on-boater link drop me a line . i plan on signing up for all the events at once in nov. I would also like to share hotel for the indian ,alum and rock fork events

  2. I was also looking at fishing the BASS weekend instead of the BFL as a non-boater. Did you mean to say that you needed a non-boater to sign up with you?
  3. Im a boater also thinking of fishing just the bass weekend tour.drop my line at ranger520vx@adelphia.net maybe we can hook up.
  4. Hey thanks for the info...I am still trying to figure out my schedule. I have graduation to worry about and I want to fish the BFL as well. Add in the local tourneys and it gets confusing. I will let you know as soon as I figure out what I am doing.
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    I am highly considering fishing the Ohio division Weekend Series as a boater and am in need of a non-boater. I am still not for sure if I am going to fish or not but if I had a non-boater it would make my decision easier.

    Joe Discerni
  6. I think that I may give the weekend series a shot as a non-boater too. I will know for sure by the end of January, if anyone needs to know before hand email me at PBalishin@gmail. This would be a big jump for me from these little electric only tourneys I have been doing, but I like a good challenge and opportunities to learn.